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‘Vikings’ Recap: Episode “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs”

Vikings is in full swing with its third episode, “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs.” In this episode, King Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and his army find themselves trapped, while Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is forced to use her sword once more. Let’s get started with our recap!

King Olaf’s Kingdom

‘Vikings’ Recap: Episode “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs”
Photo by Bernard Walsh

King Olaf (Steven Berkoff) is keeping King Harald (Peter Franzén) as his prisoner. King Olaf summons his prisoner and provides him food. The old King begins to rant about fate and the plans that the gods have for them. He fears that the Christian god will be the end of them, and he wants to make sure that he reaches Vallaha.

“One thing i’m certain of, The Christian god will destroy our gods.”

He’s not sure whether to let King Harald live or die and with that, King Harald is taken back to his prison. He later tries to make a deal in exchange for freedom with the man who brings him his meal, but it does not work. The one thing that does come out of that conversation is that King Harald finds out that King Bjorn has arrived.

King Bjorn hears that King Harald is still alive, but they are not sure for how long. The messengers who brought this news stay with King Bjorn and his men when they make their move at the request of King Bjorn.

That night King Bjorn and his men wade through the waters to get to shore so they can silently sneak up on King Olaf’s men. As they cross, through the waters, the two messengers quickly swim away, which draws suspicion from Kjetill (Adam Copeland). As the rest of the men continue, they notice that there is something in the water. Just then, a fire blazes throughout the water and arrows shower down from above. King Bjorn calls for his men to retreat quickly, as King Oleg screams from above.

“Come and see the wreck of humanity!”


Viking recap
Photo by Jonathan Hession

Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky), Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), and young Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan) leave Prince Dir (Lenn Kudrjawizki) and his wife. As they travel, Ivar discovers that Price Oleg was bluffing about the prophecy that he told his brother. Ivar then questions how Prince Oleg knew about the wife, and the Prince reveals that Anna used to be his mistress. He had given her permission to marry his brother. She was only acting scared.

Ivar later inquires about the invasion of Kattegat. Prince Oleg insists that these things take time for proper preparation. Besides, he still needs to deal with his brother, Prince Dir. As they talk, his men attack Prince Dir and take him as his prisoner. Prince Oleg no longer can trust his brother because he feels that his brother wants Igor to gain power. Despite Prince Dir’s every effort to persuade him otherwise, Prince Oleg decides to torture him and keep him prisoner.

Meanwhile, Ivar and Igor begin to bond as Ivar teaches the young heir Old Norse. They are interrupted when there is some disturbance outside. When Ivar and Igor go to see what it is, they discover a chained up Prince Dir, who has had a ring seared through his cheek. Even though Igor seems unphased by this gruesome visual, there is a slight look of concern on Ivar’s face as he sees how vicious Price Oleg can be.


Viking recap
Photo by Bernard Walsh

King Bjorn gets more curious about his wife’s servant, Ingrid (Lucy Martin). She makes her move on him and tells him that every man she’s been with has had good luck and fortune. He initially rejects her advances, seemingly to stay faithful to his wife. Later in the episode, however, he ends up in her arms.

Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), meanwhile, has gotten considerably worse. He begins to hallucinate and see the burnt version of his beloved, Thora (Eve Connolly). Thora was the young woman who Ivar had burned for defying him. Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) tries to talk to him but is unable to console him. Ivar, Thora, and Hvitserk’s mother haunt him. As they talk, Hvitserk notices that Gunhild is pregnant and thinks about how he always wanted children. As he cries in Gunhild’s arms, he sees Ivar staring back at him.

Bjorn, meanwhile, prepares to leave, and he lets Gunhild know that Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Torvi (Georgia Hirst) will help watch over the city since Hvitserk is not well enough for that task. He also reassures her that he doesn’t want to keep exploring as he used to.

“I have found my fix point and here is my space.”

Although his words indicate that his response is sincere, the look in his eyes makes us wonder if this is truly content.

Ubbe and Torvi take their seats in the Great Hall alongside Gunhild and assures everyone that their presence is temporary until King Bjorn returns. He will continue the pursuit of boosting trade on behalf of King Bjorn. Ubbe notes that Hvitserk will go on a trade mission along the Silk Road. He believes as Vikings; they are travelers and traders.

“We must go out into the world and the world must come to us!”

He is irritated that Hvitserk failed to be present for this moment and asks Amma (Kristy Dawn Dinsmore) to find him. She discovers him in his home half out of his mind. He continues to see visions of Thora, who watches him.

Lagertha’s Farm

‘Vikings’ Recap: Episode “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs”
Photo by Bernard Walsh

Back in Lagertha’s village, a group of women arrives at her home. They heard the famous shieldmaiden lived nearby and wanted to see for themselves. Many of them no longer have their husbands and sons since they lost them in the battles and storms. They show great respect to Lagertha, who welcomes them.

During a meal, Lagertha talks with Torvi and Ubbe about their expedition, and eventually, the trio decides to leave Torvi and Bjorn’s children with Lagertha. As a result, Ubbe then suggests that Torvi also stay behind since she is pregnant, which prompts Torvi to fire back.

“Let me tell you something, Ubbe Lothbrok. I will not be left behind. I have had enough of compromising with the men in my life. Whereever you go, I will go too. Whatever you do, i will do too. Even to the ends of the earth. Even to the ends of endurance. Isn’t that what love means?”

‘Vikings’ Recap: Episode “Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs”
Photo by Bernard Walsh

Lagertha watches in amusement. It is clear that she is very proud of Torvi’s strength, and they raise their glasses – Skål! Finally, the village prepares to bless Lagertha’s new home with a traditional Viking ritual. Afterward, Ubbe and Torvi say goodbye to the children as they head back to the city of Kattegat.

Later in the night, the men banished by King Bjorn attack the village while Lagertha tells a tale to the children before bedtime. The next day, the women run to Lagertha and tell her what the men did to them and their loved ones. They look for her guidance on what to do if they come back.

“They will come back, of that I am certain. We must all prepare for another attack.”

She ultimately realizes she has no choice but to go back and retrieve the sword she buried. She will do anything to protect the people she loves.

Ubbe and Torvi’s relationship is reminiscent of Lagertha and Ragnar in their early days. It will be interesting to see how they rule together and grow in this season. Meanwhile, is King Bjorn content with settling down, and will his men escape King Olaf’s attack? Does Ivar think that Prince Oleg has gone too far? Can anyone help Hvitserk? Will Lagertha be able to protect the people of the village?

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on History.

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