Here is Some ‘Venom’ Merchandise You Can’t Live Without by Film Jackets

Now that Venom is getting more attention of the media through the trailers that came out, fans are started to get pumped up about the movie. There are a lot of mixed feelings among the fans, but on one thing we can all agree, Venom looks fantastic! Our friends at Film Jacket thought this was the ultimate moment to share some incredible merchandise with us.

1. ‘We Are Venom’ black pullover hoodie

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Make room for Venom with this warm pull up hoodie of Venom. I know, it might still be summer (and we’re all melting with this blazing heat), but it doesn’t hurt to get ready for possibly a freezing winter! The hoodie costs 29 dollars on the Film Jackets website and comes in sizes S to XXL.

2. Black Venom eyes logo T-shirt

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Don’t want to think about the winter jet? That is fine too, Film Jackets also has this fantastic Venom logo T-shirt to finish of what is left of the summer. It comes in both female and male sizes from S to XXL. The T-shirt only costs $16.95 on the Film Jackets website.

3. ‘We Are Venom’ T-Shirt

CR: Film Jackets

If you do like the ‘We Are Venom’ design more, and you’re not ready to let go of the summer just yet, don’t you worry. Film Jackets thought of everything and made a T-shirt version of the hoodie. This t-shirt comes with a price of $16.95 and comes in both female and male sizes S to XXL on the Film Jackets website.

4. Venom zip-up hoodie

CR: Film Jackets

Winter is closer than we think, we better get ready for it. Film Jackets has yet another hoodie for the fans that like it simple. On the back, you can see Venom’s face with a red tongue. It’s a simple design, but we’re very much in love with it! This beauty costs 29 dollars on the Film Jackets website.

5. Venom Tom Hardy jacket

CR: Film Jackets

This jacket is one of my favorites. If you’re up for a casual cosplay or you want to rock a denim jacket like Tom Hardy is seen wearing one, then this is definitely something for you! This jacket costs you $129 on the Film Jackets website and comes in XS to XXXL.

6. Venom logo hoodie 

CR: Film Jackets

For the last one, we have another hoodie, because we all need a pile of hoodies in our closet. This hoodie is, yet again, simple but the right amount of geeky that we need in our lives. It costs $32.95 on the Film Jacket website and comes in sizes S to XXL

Also, remember that Film Jackets is now giving you free shipping on orders over 35 dollars. Happy shopping! And remember we…