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Two New TV Spots For ‘Suicide Squad’

It’s like they started with the full flow of marketing campaigns and we do not mind at all! Now that there are daily things to talk about this movie, we will enjoy ourselves until the movie comes out.

Warner Bros. has released another set of TV spots that are, yet again, 30 seconds long. Tae a look at them!

We see a lot of scenes we have already seen, but there are glimpse that are new. Like Deadshot not being a hugger, a bit more visuals on Jared Leto as the Joker. You know what I think? That I will be dancing in the theatre while the movie is playing. The trailers contain already so many good songs that we (most of them) know by heart. I can’t imagine what the music in the movie will be!

Suicide Squad will hit the theatres on August 5!

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