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Top 10 Favorite Moments in the ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Crossover Trailer

Published on November 21st, 2017 | Updated on November 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

After weeks of teases, summaries, TV Spots and photos, we finally got the Full Length Trailer for the Superhero team up event of the year! No not Justice League; but this year’s 4-Way CW Crossover event between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl titled “Crisis on Earth-X”. The trailer was literally everything we wanted and more – and that was achieved without even revealing Dark Flash (aka Blitzen) yet.

Between epic action sequences, one liners and a few well placed call backs, it’s hard to pick just one moment to focus on. So here’s our Top 10 Favorite Moments/ Easter Eggs of the ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Trailer! (I originally tried for 5, but I just couldn’t do it)

10 – “I got the girl”/ “I’m supposed to be the all-knowing mentor”:

These lines served as epic bookend moments for Oliver and Barry’s prior relationship and the arc of these shows in general. From the first episode of The Flash, Barry always went to Oliver as the mentor. Later during the first crossover event, we would hear Oliver tell Barry that “guys like us don’t get the girl” in regards to Iris. Fast forward a few seasons, and he we are! Barry is about to marry Iris and Oliver is with Felicity as well. We’ve come a long way with these two heroes, and this was the perfect line to encapsulate everything they’ve been through together. Though we must also remember the second half of Oliver warning back then: “for both your sakes”. Was this prophecy already fulfilled last season with Savitar, does this foreshadow the wedding crashers now or is there still something left to come?

9 – Team Arrow vs Evil Arrow:

One of the things we love about doppelganger stories is seeing how everyone interacts with their own doppelganger – but that moment is a little higher on this list! For the #9 spot, I’m calling attention to what happens when ‘your team meets your doppelganger’. A lot of people might be looking forward to Arrow vs Dark Arrow, but this trailer showed off Team Arrow (specifically Black Canary and Mr Terrific) facing off the evil version of their boss. After all the training Oliver put them through, I’m sure this will be a pretty cathartic experience – especially for Rene/ Wild Dog if he ever gets out, since it looks like he’s captured at some point.

Image: The CW

8 – Oliver and Cisco Team Up:

We love Oliver Queen. We also love Cisco Ramon. They are very different men with very different skills, but if someone told you we’d see these two tag team in a fight, you’d think we were crazy. Well that’s exactly what happened in this trailer when we see Oliver jump out of one of Cisco’s breaches and fire at Dark Arrow. You see, THAT is why you have these two as Best Men/ Groomsmen!

7 – “There’s a 53rd Earth…”

Besides following the biggest ‘New 52’ Easter Egg ever, this was the line that put the chills into this trailer. Just from the inflection in Harry’s voice – and knowing him to be an expert in multiverse – you get loads of more details than there just being a 53rd Earth. You immediately feel that this is the Earth that no one familiar with the multiverse talks about. This is the Earth that they’d rather not exist and sits outside of the unified 52. This isn’t ‘Crisis on Earth-53’, it’s Earth-X; and it’s the darkest universe if there ever was one.

6 – Everything Mick Ever Says Or Does:

Let’s face it: Mick Rory is a national treasure when it comes to one liners, reactions and just overall mannerisms; and this trailer did not break that streak. From him passed out (most likely drunk) at the wedding to amazing one-liners like him responding “best wedding ever” after a fight breaks out with Nazis or saying they were after the “crab legs”, Mick is on his A-Game for this entire trailer!

Image: The CW

5 – Killer Frost Heroic New Suit Up:

Even though we saw this in a few of the promotional images, it’s still so awesome seeing Caitlin Snow / Not So Killer Frost suiting up with the heroes. I’ve been theorizing/ praying for this for years, so it’s VERY satisfying to actually see it on screen. Also, it’s looking like Caitlin and Killer Frost are even more in sync than where she was at the end of “Girls Night Out” as we actually see some of Caitlin’s telltale expressions while in Frost mode. Just think, Caitlin, Cisco and Barry – our original dream team since Season 1 – are all suited up and fighting badguys together in the field 4 Seasons later!

4 – Those Mirror Match Ups:

As I mentioned up with #9, seeing how a Team reacts to an evil doppelganger is fun and potentially cathartic; but the real focus is the mirror match ups themselves, not just in power but also ideals. In this trailer we see Green Arrow vs Dark Arrow and Supergirl vs Overgirl; but even though the physical battles will be spectacular, it’s the battle of wills and ideals that’ll be the most intriguing to see. We get a taste of this with Supergirl countering Overgirl’s belief and are sure to see an even more heated exchange between Oliver and his Nazi doppelganger. Are these just shadows of our heroes that need to be destroyed or can they be saved? True victory might only come with the defeat of those dark ideas as opposed to the vessels who carry them.

3 – Sara and Alex Hit It Off/ Kick It Up!:

Ever since Supergirl joined the larger Arrowverse, we’ve been hoping for the day that Kara’s sister Alex and Sara Lance would get to meet. In fact, I even have vague memories of Kara telling Sara she should meet her sister in the last crossover. Well, that actually was supposed to happen as revealed in an interview with Guggenheim last year. Though now it looks like we’re finally getting that meeting as this trailer shows Alex and Sara in multiple scenes together! From doing shots to ripping their dresses open at the same time to fight Nazis, these two are already hitting it off! They aren’t just incredibly badass ladies who’d do anything for their sisters, but also two of the most prominent LGBTQ characters of the Arrowverse. Whether these two start an inter-Earth relationship or just become an epic duo from time to time, I’m so happy we finally get to see them teaming up!

Image: The CW

2 – That Huge Roster!

I mean, let’s face it. The biggest allure of any crossover event is seeing that hero line up and boy does this crossover have one huge roster. And seeing every hero of this crossover (eh, 85%) in this one frame by far makes it the “money shot”. Though no matter how awesome and iconic this shot is, there is still one moment that outdid it.

1 – The Return Of Snart’s Snark!

Whether on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold is a true fan favorite; and that is thanks in large part to both the writers and Wentworth Miller’s stunning portrayal of him. Well it looks like Miller/ Snart is back for this crossover and judging by some of his dialogue with Oliver, it seems like this is an Earth-X Snart. Well whatever Earth he’s from, Snart’s snarky quips are back as well! As you can probably guess from the 9 previous entries, there was A LOT of amazing things in this trailer; but seeing Snart calling Oliver “Ollie” and then quipping back to Sara sealed the deal. We always loved Snart’s and Sara’s interactions on Legends (whether friends or more than friends) and now we get to see Snart’s ‘I don’t care who you are’ attitude used against Mr. “My Name Is Oliver Queen”.

But what were your favorite moments? Did I leave any out? lol Sound off in the comments below!

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