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Tom Payne Talks Fans and Convention Moments

Horrorhound recently held it’s convention in Cincinnati, OH with some of the biggest stars in all things horror. Everyone from comic book creators, writers, and artists to actors and cosplayers – the convention walls were the perfect place to spend a weekend with pop culture fanatics.

This year, some awesome names joined the convention, which isn’t unusual, but they were names that are incredibly important to Walking Dead fans, one of those names was Tom Payne.

While Tom signed autographs and took photos, he also did an interview with Horrorhound that they just published on their YouTube page. In the interview, he shares some of his favorite horror films and talks about fan experiences. Plus, they both talked about how The Walking Dead brings in new fans to the convention world.

Tom started off talking about fan experiences and how sometimes they can be extremely emotionally charged. He brought up fans who have brought things to him for friends and loved ones that had passed away – items that were sentimental. He says that, as he’s empathetic, he connects with these people very much and often has to take a quick moment to gather himself before the next fan comes along.

He also met a fan, for the first time who was very emotional meeting him, at Horrorhound last year, the same girl was there this year which he thought was really cool.

He goes on to say that The Walking Dead fandom is passionate and that it’s an amazing thing to be a part of; he didn’t expect it going in, but it’s a family now.

They also talked about the cast and how they’re a lot like the characters they play. Tom said this is due to the script they send for them to audition with, they pull pieces of themselves to enhance the few character notes they’re given and they continue to pull pieces of themselves as they build their version of the character.

Tom also shared that, when it comes to people he’s met that left him feeling like a fan, it is usually associated with people from his past. It happens with people he watched on television and in film when he was young, it’s nostalgic. The convention atmosphere, in general, is nostalgic.

We’ll be seeing Tom again in a couple weeks and we can’t wait – it’s nice to see these relaxed interviews with our favorite celebrities and to hear that they enjoy these opportunities as much as we do.

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