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Tom Holland on Spider-Man’s Change since ‘Homecoming’

We are just 17 days away from the world premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and the only thing making the wait tolerable is that promo season has officially started. We’re getting interviews from our favorite heroes and incredibly new photos and it’s just enough to hold us over.

One of the actors who made the red carpet event at the UK screening for Infinity War was Tom Holland. When talking to Hey U Guys, Holland discussed what’s changed for Spider-Man since we last saw him in Homecoming.

‘A lot. A lot has changed. He is taking on something that is bigger than any of the Avengers could possibly have imagined from the beginning of the MCU so you can imagine he’s a little bit out of his depth but as Peter Parker always does he figures out a way to try.’

In addition, he talked about becoming an Avenger and how the Instant Kill feature on his new suit isn’t exactly what people are expecting.

‘I don’t actually think the Instant Kill function does what everyone thinks it does. I think it simply just shuts off electricity. I actually don’t think it’s a killing piece of tech. I don’t think it is to murder people. I don’t think Tony Stark’s that dark.’

He also adds that he doesn’t think it would kill Thanos. Oh, but do we wish it would.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.