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Three Reasons to see Everything, Everything this Friday

Everything, Everything is the new romance movie that’s sweeping social media with sweet quotes, gifs, and an array of photos that make us need to book a beach vacation, like, last week. The main couple in the film have struggles, obviously, but they’re not the average ones we’re used to seeing in rom-coms. Maddy is stuck, inside of her house, with a disease that threatens her life if she leaves and Olly, he just wants to make her life more beautiful.

What is wrong with Maddy? Her mother reminds her, often, that she’s too sick to leave the house but we see her outside and, well, alive. We see her yearn to fall in love and to live life the way she desires and we wonder if it’s something that’s been kept from her for too long without reason, or if she knows the depth of her illness but wants to fight against it.

If you’ve read the novel, you know what happens. We won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t, but the trailers do make it obvious that something isn’t quite as it seems. There are, however, three things that are exactly as they seem via the trailers so far, and those three things make this a must-see film for those of us who secretly, or not so secretly, love romcoms.

You’re already rooting for Maddy and Olly.
At the end of the trailer, you’ll find yourself smiling wistfully at the prospect of their love, even if you didn’t realize it was happening. You want them to end up together and you want them to end up happy. Olly wants to take Maddy to incredible beaches and you find yourself offering to help make it happen too, even though you know it’s not real. That’s the kind of pull this couple has on you, it shows the stars’ dedication to their roles.

The stars of the film are incredible.
In a film like this one, chemistry is everything. The couple has to draw your attention in from the trailer to even make you decide to go see the movie Now, here’s a fun fact. Amandla and Nick didn’t even have time to do a ‘chemistry test’ before being cast to make sure that the ‘thing’ was there between them. The producers and crew had enough faith in them to believe they’d be successful, and they were right.

It’s the love story you didn’t know you needed.
We love Nicholas Sparks, we love Sleepless in Seattle, we love Dirty Dancing. We enjoy the classic love stories as much as the next person, but this one is different in a way that invites you in if you’re a rom-com fan and even if you’re not. It’s not the ‘run of the mill’ star-crossed lovers story, there are incredibly unique aspects to it, but what really makes this stand out from other films is that it’s not desperate in a way that makes you think ‘I’ve seen one like this before’. We all want the sweet gestures, and Olly sure does provide them, but they’re different.

Another reason this film stands out from other romance movies of today – is the diversity.  Olly and Maddy are an interracial couple, something we still don’t see much of in romance films. We read an article from Bustle and the director of the film, Stella Meghie, mentioned the way that’s addressed in this movie.

It was such an interesting position for us to be in, for us to be making a story that did feature an interracial couple that did not talk about it because that’s rarely the case. We were just happy to be making a very unique film altogether.

Stella went on to talk about how making sure the diversity from the novel remained in the film was very important.

It was important to Nicola Yoon that the character remain biracial. I just want to maintain the diversity of the film.

Everyone 100 percent wanted to maintain the diversity of Yoon’s book. It was important to Nicola, it was important to me, and the studio and the producers all felt the same way…. I felt a definite connection with Nicola and her story. We had a serious bond over trying to get this film to really represent her book.

Everything, Everything hits theaters on Friday, and if you’re looking for a love story that’s beautiful and unique – this is it.

Three Reasons to see Everything, Everything this Friday

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