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This is The Cutest Spider You’ll Ever See

It’s let’s be honest Wednesday. That’s not a thing? Well, I guess today it is.

I’m gonna be honest.

I hate spiders.

I don’t think I’m alone here. Spiders are creepy, sneaky, lanky, disgusting and cringe-worthy creatures. If it were wrong to kill spiders, we would all be in jail. Whenever I see a spider on my wall my body freezes in terror, and snaps into an instinctual animal like mode that will not be cured until the spider has been gotten rid of. As it is for many, it’s a deeply ingrained phobia that I have had since childhood.

This is a rabbit hole that I could get very lost in.

After all that negative energy about spiders, I present to you Lucas.

It’s important to remember that spiders were put on this Earth as fair as we were, and we should sometimes, sometimes appreciate their benefits to the planet. (Because fine, they do benefit the planet and eat bugs and help us not get as many mosquito born illnesses that could wipe out the human race. Fine. Whatever.)

I hope he brightens your day and maybe for a split second, makes you look at spiders a little differently. He did that for me. I’ll admit it. He’s adorable and needs to be protected.

Shout out to our creative director Nick Floyd for finding this little gem on this gloomy Wednesday in the office!

This video was uploaded to Youtube Monday by Joshua Slice and has almost 1 million views already.