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This is How the ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailers Deceived us all


Deadpool 2 has lots of surprises, but like in the Infinity War trailers, there was a lot of extra footage that never made it into the movie. It’s a brilliant idea to keep the plot locked away. For Deadpool 2, they took it to a new level.

If you look back at the final trailer or the few trailers before that, we see a lot of extra footage of the X-Force that never made it into the movie. In the film, we see that the X-Force never makes it safely to the ground. The writers of the movie admitted this was done on purpose to fool the audience.

Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese sat down with CBR and discussed how far they went.

“Shatterstar helped, because he was an original member of X-Force. I think that’s the one that made people think, ‘OK, this is legit.’ Also, we had actors who were really generous, and they were willing to shoot footage that they knew, and we knew wasn’t going to end up in the movie, but was only going to be in marketing material. So we had Terry Crews out there fighting stunt guys, knowing that it was only going to be in commercials — and we did use it, it’s in commercials, and it’s in trailers,” he added. “It was all to help mislead the audience on this big gag. It was very elaborately constructed to make sure people bought it.” – Rhett Reese to CBR.

We didn’t see the jumping out of the plane coming, and it probably left us laughing way too hard. The crazy twist leaves us with the possibility of a real X-Force in the future.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now!