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‘Deadpool 2’: The Good, the Bad and the Best (Spoilers)

Published on May 21st, 2018 | Updated on May 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

When I saw the movie on the 15th, I was ecstatic when I came out of the movie theatre. Nothing could pop my bubble of joy when I left my seat, and I couldn’t stop discussing my favorite moments from the movie with my friend. Of course, now that I had a few days to think it over, there are some things I want to discuss.


The story line was kept under lock and key, much like any other Marvel movie that came out over the last ten years. While the first movie was a sort of an origin story, and they added the extra element of love to it. This time around, they call it ‘family’ movie, which they take literally. The moment they kill Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), is the moment that Wade (Ryan Reynolds) loses himself. It is the X-Men that put Wade back together (literally after he tries to blow himself up) and take him under their wings. It is on the first mission that Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) thinks Wade is ready to go out and help. This is before everything goes to hell, of course. Wade ends up in jail with the Russel, who he tries to save from the school that was trying to ‘heal’ him from his powers. I liked this story line. While at first, Cable (Josh Brolin), tries to kill the kid, he ends up on Wade’s side.

The thing that probably bothered me the most, and many others that saw the movie, is the fact they killed off almost all of the X-Force in 2 seconds. In the beginning, they were advertising it a lot. They were even portraying cable as the villain. While every comic fan knows that Cable is one of the original members in the X-Force, I didn’t understand what was happening. Later, the story line helps in explaining it, and it all makes sense. Regardless of that, I didn’t like that they were pushing it, only to kill of Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), the Vanisher, Bedlam (Terry Crews), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgard), and Sugerbear Peter (Rob Delaney) in the first few minutes. It was hilarious to see what happened and it was an excellent reference to Justice League, but poor Sugerbear, who gets killed for helping out Zeitgeist.

Another thing I want to discuss is the main villain. We heard rumors about it being Black Tom Cassidy (Jack Kesy), but nothing is less accurate as his head gets blown off in the film. There went the whole idea of him being the ‘main villain’ of the movie. Although we see him go, there is still a chance of a ‘real’ villain in the movie. Soon, we know that it is Juggernaut-sort of. This movie technically doesn’t have a villain.

One of the things I was excited to see right off the bat, was the interaction with Blind Al (Leslie Uggams). In the first movie I thought, “Why does Blind Al, a blind old lady, have gun?” In Deadpool 2, I started to feel she’s more than she lets on. I have a theory for the coming movies, (I don’t think they are kidding about the franchise lasting 10 to 12 years), that Al will be the lead in one of those story lines. As a comic lover, when I was doing some research on the characters, I saw a rumor that Blind Al could have been the first Black Widow, AND she could be the reason Wade has cancer. Now, you can tell me everything you want, but this, to me, is the Budapest story in the Avengers all over again.

The scenes that follow before the credits ares probably the best I’ve seen in all of Marvel’s films. I was suffocating from laughter. It was much needed. I won’t go into it, but it involves the film’s cameos. It also raises a lot of questions, and leads into Deadpool 3/the X-Force movie. Wade Wilson makes Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) fix the object to go back in time. This way, he can save Vanessa. It seems perfect in theory, but we all know what happens if you mess with time. With saving Vanessa, he never meets Russel, and he never gets to that point of meeting Cable. So, then I think, will the whole movie cease to exist?

All in all, Deadpool 2 is the perfect sequel to Deadpool (2016). Wade isn’t afraid to damage his own body to get his way. Even while fighting off Cable, fully knowing he won’t be able to stop all the bullets from hitting him, he stands his ground (even on the dub step debate). The fight/action scenes are just amazing to look at. You never know where to look on the screen, and it’s one of the reasons you’ll probably see it more than once. I especially loved how Domino’s (Zazie Beetz) luck keeps her alive until the end.

The jokes are on point in the movie, although, at some moments, they do seem forced. Wade can’t help himself. He calls out almost all of the Avengers, as well as Thanos. The joke that got me is when Wade goes back to Blind Al, gets a bag of heroin next to the cure for blindness and he drops it all over himself. He leaves the room with a lot of sass.

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