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This Britney Spears fan Just won the Meet and Greet Game

When you get to meet your favorite celebrity, it’s always an awesome occasion. Be it at conventions, concerts, premieres, or wherever you may get the opportunity, there’s nothing like telling someone you admire that they’re important to you.

While nothing beats actually being the one to meet your favorite celebrity, it is so fun to see pictures and videos from other fan meet and greet. Some of them are so well thought out. From proper costumes and props to genuine hugs and smiles, they’re some of the best documented moments.

When a group of fans met Britney Spears recently, they upped the game in a big way. One fan in the group wore a replica of Britney’s red jumpsuit and it was incredible.

Yep, the fan was wearing the Oops! jumpsuit and as soon as Britney saw it, she gleamed. She told the fan a couple times that she loved the catsuit and before she left, they even sang a bit of the infamous song together.

Often, with celebrity meet and greets during situations like this, there’s not a lot of time to spend together so the fact that Britney took a second to sing with her fans was awesome. It wasn’t a moment they’ll soon forget. If that wasn’t cool enough, the fact that she retweeted the video and said that they made her day was incredibly exciting.

What is your coolest celebrity moment? Let us know.

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