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Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of ‘Walking Dead’

This season more than ever it’s very apparent that the apocalypse survivors are really into their art. Rick is out there fighting an all-out war, doing it for the ‘gram:

Image result for rick polaroid the walking dead gif

He’s super proud of his work and likes to show it to people too:

Image result for rick jadis the king the widow and rick

Jadis apparently likes to sculpt in the nude at the Heapsters HQ:

Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of 'Walking Dead'

And as we quickly approach the midseason finale, you’d think that maybe something like Jadis’ sculpting hobby would be sidelined for more important matters of dialogue, but the latest episode “Time For After” proved the exact opposite. In last week’s episode, we saw Rick attempt to make another deal with Jadis and the Heapsters that resulted in him being held prisoner in a storage container in just his boxers.

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While it seems like a smart move to take anything off of Rick that he could make a weapon, it appeared that Jadis had some other ideas. When they finally let Rick out he is met with Jadis and her giant camera and a Heapster sketch artist.

Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of 'Walking Dead'

Which begs the question:

The Heapsters are basically just weird for the sake of being weird so it should come as no surprise what the purpose of the pictures was in the first place.

Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of 'Walking Dead'

Jadis’ infatuation with Rick has never been a secret. Just last season she dropped this little number right in front of Michonne:

However, if there’s one thing that Rick Grimes will not stand for, it’s being trapped in a box (and apparently being sculpted). So, when Jadis brings him to his “after”, which was basically him being tied up while a metal-headed walker is led his way, he wasted no time kicking some serious ass.

Animated GIF

Jadis watched as Rick took out all of her men and decapitated her walker.

Animated GIF

People were absolutely living for Rick in this entire scene:

He’s able to get ahold of Jadis and traps her on the ground with her face only inches away from the walker.

Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of 'Walking Dead'

He basically lays down the law about what’s going to happen moving forward if they don’t agree to fight with Rick, and we all know that once Rick Grimes is in Ricktatorship mode, there really is no answer other than to agree with him.

“I’m walking out now. And me walking out means all of you die. My people, there’s a lot of them. We won’t attack today, but we will attack. You can play your games, draw your pictures, sculpt whatever shit you want, but I am leaving. After that, maybe you should just run.”


Jadis eventually backs down and the two come to an understanding. The Heapsters will help Rick & Co. in the fight against the Saviors. Of course, in the midst of their deal-making, Jadis couldn’t resist trying to finagle a way to still be able to sculpt Rick on top of getting an equal share of the Savior’s stuff and thangs.

Things Got Weird at the Junkyard in Latest Episode of 'Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead has been doing their best to pack some humor into the season, and while it often works (I’m looking at you, Kal), this exchange got to the point of being almost too weird. It makes me wonder if Rick even needs Jadis and the Heapsters or if it’s part of his plan to get them on his side before he gives them a taste of their own medicine and betrays them. Either way, there will be no sculpture of Rick Grimes in the apocalypse…at least, not yet.

Can’t we just go back to these days of picture taking?

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What were your thoughts on the whole sculpting thing? Do you think that Rick actually trusts the Heapsters?


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