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If Anyone Can Get Out of a Bad Situation, It’s Rick Grimes

Published on November 26th, 2017 | Updated on November 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

Spoiler Warning: Please do not read further unless you’ve seen the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.


In this week’s episode, ‘The King, The Widow, and Rick’, Rick managed to find himself in the captivity of Jadis and the junkyard people and once again had to find a way out.

So, that got us thinking about all of the other great escapes everyone’s favorite ex-cop wiggled out of – here are six of our favorites!

Rick vs. The Termites

Rick got himself in quite the pickle when he followed the signs to what he thought was a sanctuary. Instead, he found him and his group trapped inside the A-Train awaiting death at the hands of Gareth and his merry band of cannibals. However, we all know that Rick Grimes doesn’t go down without a fight. The group literally turns the train car into a weapon, stripping the place for parts using items on their persons including shoelaces and belts.

That smart thinking and Carol’s badassery ultimately saves Rick & Co. as Rick is able to grab a piece of wood that he had hidden in his pant leg when the Termites become distracted during the traumatic trough lineup. He’s able to use the makeshift dagger to take out the Termites and ultimately helps get his group out of Terminus.

Rick vs. The Claimers

After escaping from the overrun prison after the Governor’s attack, Rick, Carl, and Michonne seek refuge in an abandoned home. When Michonne and Carl leaving a recovering Rick to go on a supply run, Joe and the Claimers stumble upon the same house. Thankfully, Rick comes to and realizes that there are intruders in the house and hides under the bed as two Saviors fight over it. He is able to sneak out through the bathroom where he runs into Lou. He immediately fights him off and strangles him to death before he can warn the others about Rick’s presence. Rick is able to escape, taking Lou’s jacket and gun leaving him to turn in the house and hopefully kill another Savior in the process.

Once Joe’s group finds out that Lou was killed, they begin tracking Rick, which leads to…

Rick vs. Joe

This is probably one of Rick’s biggest moments of the entire series and proves just how far he’s willing to go to protect the ones he loves. Rick, Michonne, and Carl get caught by Joe and the Claimers and are on the losing side of their confrontation. Rick watches in horror as Michonne is held at gunpoint and his son Carl is held down by one of Joe’s men and he appears completely helpless. So, Rick takes matters into his own hands and becomes the monster that he’d been fighting for seasons. In order to save the people he loves, Rick kills Joe by biting a huge chunk out of his neck and then completely guts the man that was tormenting Carl.

 Rick vs. Alexandria Herd

Rick’s genius plan of using walker guts to sneak his family out of an overrun Alexandria failed due to Sam’s freakout and the subsequent events including Carl being shot, forcing Rick into a crazy situation. He had to carry a critically injured Carl to Denise in hopes that she can save him (which thankfully she does) through swarms of walkers. After successfully doing that, Rick is overcome with many emotions and sets out to take on all of the walkers by himself.

Rick vs. Winslow

After Rick is taken prisoner by the Junkyard people and their mysterious leader Jadis, he tries to strike a deal with them that would allow Rick’s group to get them guns if they agreed to spare their lives and join them in the war against the Saviors. Jadis was willing to listen as long as Rick could prove himself worthy of their alliance. So, what does she have him do? She makes him fight against an armored and spiked Walker named Winslow in a pit.

It’s not an easy fight, even for someone like Rick who was immediately taken back and somewhat frightened of Winslow. He tried to fight him off by pushing him away, which resulted in one of Winslow’s spikes going right through his hand. He gets resourceful and uses a wall of garbage to his advantage to slow Winslow down and is able to decapitate him, securing his allice with Jadis (for the time being that is).

Rick vs. Tomas

When our group encountered the prisoners in season 3, things could have gone a lot worse than they did. Rick found himself in somewhat of a power struggle with their leader Tomas. While Rick would have ultimately liked to find a way to all work together, Tomas wasn’t ready to start taking orders from someone now that he’s a “free” man. While clearing out another cell in the prison, Tomas makes a couple of decisions that put Rick in danger, which he does not take well. The two square off, but Rick ends up putting a machete in Tomas’ head, preventing the situation from further escalating.

Do you think Rick will find his way out of Jadis’s big metal garbage bin this time?


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