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Theory Thursday: Will Nick Fury Lose His Eye In ‘Captain Marvel’?

Almost 20 years into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there are still many questions that are left to be answered. Is The Incredible Hulk fully canon – and if so, where’s Betty Ross? What happened in Budapest? Will the Avengers ever be reunited with Agent Coulson? Is there some important backstory to Nick Fury’s eye?

That last question might not seem AS pressing as some other MCU questions; but if you rewatch Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you might begin to have a different opinion. Pair this with the recent revelation that the upcoming Captain Marvel film will feature a younger, pre-eyepatch Nick Fury and our theory senses start tingling!

So this week we’re bringing Theory Thursday back to see if – and how – Captain Marvel could explain Nick Fury’s injury as well as overwhelming trust issues.

Theory Thursday: Will Nick Fury Lose His Eye In 'Captain Marvel'?

So back in Captain America: The Winter Solider, while in conversation with Steve Rogers, Director Fury remarks that “the last time [he] trusted someone, [he] lost an eye”. Pair this with the knowledge that a “pre-eyepatch” Nick Fury will be present in Captain Marvel and we start to wonder if the one who betrayed him was actually Captain Marvel herself. Jenna Anderson proposed this theory on and it could certainly explain why Captain Marvel (whose film is set in the 90s) has up and vanished, as well as why Nick never thinks to call her in for backup. This “bad blood” between them would explain a lot,  but I’d like to propose a different explanation for Nick Fury loosing his eye in Captain Marvel.

Nick Fury Was Deceived By A Skrull:

That’s right, you heard me! A few weeks ago we also learned that the main villain(s) of Captain Marvel will be the Skrulls. Now if you’re familiar with the Skrulls, then a little lightbulb is probably going off in your head right now. If not, allow me to explain. The Skrulls might looks like an alien race of Green Goblins, but they’re much more than that. You see the Skrulls are not just the nemesis race to the Kree (who we’ve seen a few times now in the MCU), but also an alien race that is capable of shapeshifting. In fact, one of the most popular Skrull stories is about them kidnapping and replacing heroes with Skrulls.

You can picture it now can’t you. Nick Fury, Captain Marvel and some other characters on some great mission towards the end of the film, and just as Nick Fury is about to do something, BOOM! He is betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. He is betrayed by someone even us viewers thought we could trust; but it turns out that character was a Skrull in disguise the whole time. Who knows, maybe we can even come back to Jenna’s theory and it is Captain Marvel – a fake Captain Marvel who gets Fury before the real Captain Marvel comes to the rescue. Or maybe Captain Marvel ends with Captain Marvel going off to space and continuing to fight the Skrulls as her reputation on Earth is ruined by this Skrull copycat.

Whatever the case may be, Nick Fury’s immense trust issues now make perfect sense as he knows full well that anyone – ANYONE – could be a Skrull in disguise! His eye is a constant reminder that everything is never as it seems; and that even his closest ally could be an evil alien bent on replacing the human race one person at a time.

But what do you think? Will Nick Fury lose an eye in Captain Marvel or will that story be told another day? Was Captain Marvel herself the perpetrator? Was it a Skrull? Has Nick Fury actually been a Skrull this whole time? Sound off in the comments below!