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The Walking Dead’s Season 8 Trailer gets over 31 Million Views in 4 Days

When the countdown to SDCC begins, an additional countdown also starts for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. That countdown leads to the day (usually Friday) that hosts the panel and releases the trailer for The Walking Dead. The afternoon is usually a frenzy, but you’re also surrounded by the greatest fans in the world, so it ends up being a sweet (and tiring) experience.

The trailer for the upcoming season was one of the most highly anticipated in the series history for a few reasons. Some fans see this season as redemption, for the characters and for the fans at home, while others are hoping it stands in stark contrast to season 7. The season was definitely the most harshly critiqued in the series’ history with the violent opener and the slow build through the rest of the episodes. However, the stories behind the characters are as important as the action.

We were pretty big fans of season 7, but we do hope to see the ‘all-out war’ commence and for justice to be served, in whatever capacity that’s possible. We also hope to see characters like Morgan and Carol start to feel human again, to find their drive to live. We want Rick and Daryl to let go of the guilt they’re carrying. We want Maggie to keep her strength and use it to motivate others, and we’re really curious as to what Eugene will do as the season progresses. He seems very content at Camp Negan because it keeps him alive, will he continue to think that promise of tomorrow is worth everything that comes along with it?

For those reasons and then some, we were counting down the seconds until the trailer debuted and we totally understand why it’s earned so many views in such a short amount of time.

Charlie Collier had this to say about the season 8 trailer and its incredible amount of views within 4 days.

Thank you to the fans for, once again, filling Hall H at Comic-Con, our lucky seventh year in a row sharing this hallowed, fan-first experience. And, since Friday’s ‘The Walking Dead’ panel ended, thanks to fans all over the world for watching our season eight trailer more than 31 million times, and counting. To receive this type of record-breaking response heading into the series’ 100th episode is beyond gratifying. We look forward to sharing so much more with you as we count down to an unforgettable season.’

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 100th episode and what life and fire we see in the hearts of our favorite characters again in season 8. The battle between good and evil is here, and we’re ready.