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‘The Walking Dead’ Wrongful Death Trial – Austin Amelio Recalls ‘Worst day of my life.’

We previously reported that The Walking Dead was in trial this week, defending the case against allegations that it was at fault for the death of stuntman, John Bernecker. We also discussed the issues.  One defendant to the case is star, Austin Amelio, who was next two Bernecker before Bernecker’s fatal fall.

Amelio was on the small balcony filming a scene with stuntman John Bernecker in 2017 when Bernecker fell over, missing the protective pads underneath by two feet and landing on the concrete head-first. He died two days later from the severe head injuries.

“I saw the whole thing, I was in complete and utter shock,” Amelio told the jury Friday in emotional testimony at the wrongful death trial of The Walking Dead stuntman. “It was the worst day of my life.”

AMC’s legal team argued Bernecker’s death stemmed from human error on the stuntman’s part when he grasped the rail and held on during his flip off the balcony.

That grasping movement became a focal point in the line of questioning among multiple witnesses. It was argued whether or not Amelio touched Bernecker with his prop gun just before his fall.

“Absolutely not,” Amelio said.

Earlier in the testimony, Amelio recalled that stunt coordinator Monty Simons instructed him not to touch Bernecker and to stand behind him.

“The only thing I remember is, ‘Do not touch him,’” Amelio said.

Griffin Freeman, a local Atlanta actor, played the villain killed by Dwight for whom Bernecker was a stunt double, supported Amelio’s claim that there was no touching.  Amelio went on to praise the stunt coordinator, Simons, saying, “I think Monty is an excellent stunt coordinator.”

Amelio was the first witness of the defense’s witnesses.  The case will continue into next week with closing arguments scheduled for Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Wrongful Death Trial – Austin Amelio Recalls ‘Worst day of my life.’

  1. Unfortunately, accidents happen. I know it’s a horrible cliche to use right now, but, a career in falling and getting injured is something that, I would assume, has clauses in their contracts alluding to the danger they face, including accidentally dying. I’m sorry this happened to this man, as well as his family, but are you going to say no one ever stated their concerns over his job choices? Why place guilt on a co-worker who already has been affected by the death of a friend?

  2. I agree with Bryan Paul. The line of work comes with accidents and maybe death and I am too sorry for this young mans death. I’m sadden for what his family is going through. It’s a tough job for what this young man picked but it does come with a lot of dangerous circumstances.

  3. My heart goes out to Austin!! Stunts go wrong!! I can’t imagine the personal Hell he’s going through!Even knowing it wasn’t his fault, just the what could I have done differently must be a nightmare for him. I hope the family can find peace and acceptance knowing that John was doing what he loved to do!

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