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‘The Walking Dead’ The Show’s Ending is Going to Disappoint Fans…

Published on October 10th, 2022 | Updated on October 10th, 2022 | By FanFest

… Of The Comics

The Walking Dead is coming to a close after 11 seasons. However, some people have expressed concern that the series may or may not follow the comics’ conclusion, which saw the emergence of the Commonwealth arc.

It’s not even a debate, and I’m not sure if anybody knows how much has changed.


‘The Walking Dead’ The Show's Ending is Going to Disappoint Fans...

To summarize, while the show and comics have shared elements in the past, all of these changes have led to a butterfly effect in which the show cannot possibly resemble the conclusion of the comics at this time.

By the end of the comic Commonwealth arc, nearly every main character is dead. Certain characters that replaced them are likely to get their own spin-offs, so there can’t be a definite ending to their story.

AND RICK DIES! Yep! This isn’ t going to happen on the show.  In fact, the fan-theories of Daryl taking over Rick’s storyline are long gone, given that Daryl is headed off on his own spin-off series next year.  On top of that, every major character is headed for their own spin-off – except Eugene, Aaron, Rosita, Ezekiel, and so on. Are they going to die? We know Eugene won’, because Robert Kirkman, the show’s creator, said that he won’t.

AMC is so bad at spoiling their own television show and then wondering why no one is still watching!?!

I highly doubt that the finale will align at all with the comics, and from what I’ve heard, even the show’s creators are confused about how it will end. Recently, they reported having to change their originally planned ending scene.  Most likely, something to do with the Rick spin-off seeing as how there’s no chance the show will end without him. Even if he’s not physically present to meet up with his old friends (which wouldn’t make much sense for a spin-off), his presence will be felt.

These are strange days for The Walking Dead fans.

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