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‘The Walking Dead’ – Team Rick or Team Negan? No Need To Choose On This Fan Art Friday!

This Sunday! Yes, the season premiere we’ve all been waiting for… The Walking Dead. Was there any doubt as to this week’s Fan Art Friday? Team Negan, Team Rick, 100 episodes, 5 years of celebrating Walker Stalker Con… it all comes together for the perfect storm of awesomeness. As we all chew our nails waiting for Sunday to get here, let’s take a moment to appreciate some artwork dedicated to the characters we have grown to love… and perhaps not like so much. 😉

Drawing decisions….

The Walking Dead, Negan, Rick Grimes
Artwork: Instagram- @artfeeder, @fandomartsharing

The good guys…

The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @_fallenangel_, @fanartcollective, @evyartuniverse, @babe_chan

The bad boys…

The Walking Dead, Negan, Eugene, Dwight
Artwork: Instagram – @deviant_apple, @ negan.baratheon_fookinglegend, @egbertcream

Rendering royalty…

The Walking Dead, King Ezekiel
Artwork: Instagram – markpacich_art

Girl power…

The Walking Dead, Carol Peletier, Maggie Greene, Michonne
Artwork: Instagram – @negan.baratheon_fookinglegend, @alonabaranova, nomad_ink_

Capturing closeness…

The Walking Dead, Michonne, Rick Grimes, ittle Ass Kicker, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon
Artwork: Instagram – @karlaestefania93, @hannahkateart, @negan.baratheon_fookinglegend

Favorites never forgotten…

The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon, Abraham Ford, Glenn Rhee
Artwork: Instagram – @negan.baratheon_fookinglegend, @lakh.s12, @negan.baratheon_fookinglegend

Sketching scary…

The Walking Dead
Artwork: Instagram – @kays_tattoos_and_piercing, @danasfourart

Facing fear…

The Walking Dead
Artwork: Scott Spillman