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The Walking Dead: Is Beta In The Hospital Where Beth Died? And Beth Sings Again?

The Walking Dead fans are always on the lookout for easter eggs.  Those tiny hints that things are interconnected or referencing another show, character or really anything in the world. In Season 10, The Walking Dead has given us two easter eggs that intertwine Beth (Emily Kinney) and Beta (Ryan Hurst).

First, The Walking Dead has been making greater use of music to help set the stage for key scenes on the show.  In the earlier seasons, music was typically reserved for closing shots in episodes or Beth Greene would fill the air with her soft, soothing voice, bringing comfort to the survivors.

In the episode, “What It Always Is”, during a scene between Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), a country song called The Turtle and The Monkey played out of a gramophone, which was written by Emily Kinney.

However, the version we hear on the show is being sung by Beta (Ryan Hurst), whose past life as a country singer was revealed on Fear The Walking Dead.

‘I’m always writing and actually, when I wrote that song first, I was like, “Oh my gosh, this would be such a great country song.” And so I wrote it as a pitch song,’ Kinney spilled during the latest episode of Skybound’s Talk Dead to Me podcast

“Because a lot of the time I’ll write songs and go, “Mm, this doesn’t really fit the vibe of my records, but maybe this would work for someone else.” So I just kind of kept it, and then it so happened that there was an opportunity.”

“So I sent it over, and then I didn’t hear anything for a few months, but then sure enough it came back around,” Kinney explained. “And the showrunner reached out to me.  Angela [Kang], who I obviously knew really well from working on the show, and it came back around and sure enough, they wanted to use it.”


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Second, there’s another crossover between Beta and Beth.

In the second to last episode of Season 10, “The Tower,” Beta led a horde of zombies toward the the Survivors by following a cat who just so happened to lead them straight to the Survivors who are now hiding in a hospital.  Does this hospital look familiar? Well, it should!

Check out the first image from Beta and the Whisperers and then the second image from an earlier season!

The Walking Dead: Is Beta In The Hospital Where Beth Died? And Beth Sings Again?
The Walking Dead: Is Beta In The Hospital Where Beth Died? And Beth Sings Again?

Yep! That’s right! They’re the SAME hospital!

Well, the same in real life.  The Walking Dead production team returned to the same building to reuse the facade for another hospital.

The first image is where Beta is approaching the hospital where our Survivors are hiding out.  This hospital is in Alexandria, Virginia, about 630 miles away from the hospital in the second image.  The hospital in the second image is Grady Memorial Hospital, where Beth died, which is in Atlanta!

Just like every walker wears long sleeves and dress pants, we guess that every hospital in the world of The Walking Dead looks alike.  That is if you don’t include the hospital in which Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up in.  Then, they look nothing alike at all!

It’s just fun to see how the show is interconnected after all these years and catch the little things that take us back to earlier seasons and characters!

Have you caught any other easter eggs in Season 10? If so, let us know in the comments!

One thought on “The Walking Dead: Is Beta In The Hospital Where Beth Died? And Beth Sings Again?

  1. Wasn’t that Grady Memorial in Atlanta…they left Atlanta to go to Washington DC for Eugene’s lie by way of Alexandria VA.

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