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The Walking Dead Is Back – But Not In Black (And White)!

So, we all know The Walking Dead at this point! It’s a huge tv show with multiple spin-offs and was a successful comic book series for many years before the tv series! The Walking Dead may not be at the forefront of pop culture anymore, we’ve even written several times about its rating decline, but there’s no denying the impact that The Walking Dead has had on Zombie pop culture. A lot of people didn’t even know it all started with a comic book! Believe it or not, before the show became a huge hit you could find #1 issues of The Walking Dead in $1 bins in local comic shops. That’s all changed now, with #1 issues of The Walking Dead able to fetch upwards of $1000!  The comic series ended just recently with issue #193, and then featured a one-shot issue featuring Negan. That could have been the end of The Walking Dead in print for a long, long time. Instead, Image Comics has decided to re-release all 193 issues starting from the first one. In addition to this, each issue will now be completely colored, which is actually kind of awesome! The reprint is labeled as The Walking Dead: Deluxe, and even features a segment at the back titled ‘The Cutting Room Floor’. This section will feature Kirkman’s handwritten plots, commentaries on abandoned storylines, and other additional goodies that hardcore Walking Dead fans will be eager to get ahold of. The first issue just recently came out and it’s as gorgeous as promised.

Walking Dead Deluxe Page
Walking Dead Deluxe Page

Though certainly, some fans aren’t thrilled at the prospect of collecting every single issue again, there’s no denying that the colored version definitely adds something to the comic. I’m reluctant to call it better, just because the black and white aesthetic is ingrained into The Walking Dead‘s identity. These colors, however, certainly make the whole thing pop and give it a far more vibrant look. Will it work with the darker subject matter of the Walking Dead? Only time will tell! At least you don’t need to worry about having the ending spoiled.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 is already available for sale and retails for $3.99. You can also purchase it from digital comic retailers if you have no interest in physical editions.

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