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The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Tried to Save This Character from Being Killed Off

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) was always known as the show’s leader both on and off-screen.  What they both have in common is that they both try to save lives every now and then.  This time, Lincoln was trying to save the life of Lew Temple‘s on-screen character, the prisoner, Axel.

Temple recently chatted with KyTalk Live, the actor looked back at his time on the show.

“I thought Axel was gonna be an integral part of the survival group, and I was kind of being led to believe that he was as well,” Temple stated. “By virtue of the graphic novels, I was well aware that he does die, but I was thinking that maybe it wasn’t going to come as quickly as it did.”

Lincoln decided to speak up on Lew’s behalf. Temple stated, “I was notified three weeks in advance. I was asked at the time not to talk about it because it wasn’t set in stone. As a matter of fact, Andrew Lincoln then went to the production, to the producers, and said, “I think we’re making a mistake here, let’s not do this just yet.””

Yet, it just didn’t work.  Temple added, “There were several series regulars that they started to consider other than Axel. Those were the people that were coming to me and saying, “I’m sorry, I heard about [Axel’s death]. Dude, you have no idea how close it was to being you.””

The Walking Dead will host its annual panel at SDCC at home tomorrow.  We expect the announcement of the airing date for the Season 10 finale, along with news on when we can expect Season 11.

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