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‘The Walking Dead’: Scott Gimple Gives a Rick Grimes Movie Update

In an interview with EW, Scott Gimple, chief content officer of the world of The Walking Dead, provided an update on the Rick Grimes films.  A little more than a year has passed since Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) left the show and the films were teased.

There has been a lot of speculation as to the status of the films. Are we any closer to seeing the films? You can be the judge of that when you read the transcript of Gilmple’s responses below from the EW interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It has been more than a year since you announced you would be making a Rick Grimes Walking Dead movie. Do you have a timeframe in place in terms of shoot dates and locations already locked, or at least close to locked?
SCOTT M. GIMPLE: We have a couple of different plans that we’re going with depending on a couple of different factors we have to deal with on everything from story to product aspects. There have been a lot of different aspects to it in terms of timing that are pretty much coming into rapid focus right now. I would say the past year in a lot of ways has been R&D on a lot of aspects of it.

Where is the script? Where are you with that?
We are currently refining it. I don’t want to say much more than that. It’s coming together amazingly, but we’re trying to make this very special for everybody involved and we’re holding our feet to the flames. It’s an incredibly deliberate process right now.

Do you have a director for the film yet?
The director has not been chosen for this film

In that little teaser you showed at Comic-Con in July, it said, “Only in theaters.” What does that mean? Is there anything you can tell me about the theatrical window because obviously it’s AMC, but you’ve got Universal and Skybound so there are all these entities involved.
This is a movie that’s going to be watched in the movie theater. Eventually you won’t need a movie theater to see it, but more in line with how movies work.

So this is not a situation where it screens in theaters, but then airs a few days later on AMC?
No, this is a theatrical film. Yes, there’s AMC, there’s Universal, there’s Skybound. There are a lot of parties working together to cook up something special.

Is the plan still for three films?
Yes, but we are still playing with things. That’s the plan right now.

We know it’s Michonne’s last season. Is Danai Gurira going to be a part of this film in some way?
I don’t want to get ahead of The Walking Dead. I don’t want people already looking to what Michonne might or might not be doing next. She has an amazing story coming up on Walking Dead that informs everything moving forward, but I don’t want to get ahead of that. We worked real hard on that.

What about other people in The Walking Dead universe? I’m thinking about Heath, or other people that we haven’t seen in a little while that might potentially be popping up in terms of some surprises?
I can’t even give you a definitive thing because we really are playing around with it a little bit now. We have a terrific area and direction we’re moving in, but we’re playing around with various aspects of it.

What can you say narratively about Rick? We saw him going off in the helicopter. What can you say about where the story’s going to go?
We are going to continue to tell Rick’s story, and we are going to discover so much of the world through that story. Rick will be challenged in different ways that, in some ways, everything that he’s been through has sort of prepared him for. It’s a much larger world than one that he had been operating in, and that was challenging in and of itself. Now things are heightened, and just as we’re going to the movies — and it is the movies proper, suitably wide screen — we’re going to be filling that screen with a brand new world.

I was going to ask you about that in terms of the production elements: How is the scale different? How is your budget different?
The scale is bigger and the budget is bigger, and it’s The Walking Dead, but heightened, both in the narrative themes, but also in just what we see onscreen. I say heightened, but I should also say it’s also very different. It’s not going to be the exact same thing we saw on television, just larger. We are going in some wild new directions. Movies are a different beast than television. Television is like, boom, we’re done. Movies, to calibrate an hour and a half, two hours is no joke, and it’s been a lot of fun, but it’s a real challenge and we take it very seriously for the fans. We really want to deliver them something special, something worth their trip to the movies. We’re trying to be very deliberate and deliver something new.

Well, it doesn’t really sound like we are really any closer than we were this time last year.  Gimple is giving the standard Gimple responses fans have heard for years.  We can only hope that the films survive the decline in viewership totals and that there are still people who want to consume it.  The tenth season of The Walking Dead has been one of the best ever, let’s just hope that it can use that momentum to provide an entertaining feature film.


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