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The Super Bowl Sunday Episode of ‘This Is Us’ will be ‘Very Emotional’

When This Is Us premiered, viewers had no idea that they were tuning into the first episode in a series that would go on to touch viewers in a way no other television show has before. It’s not just a show focused on the picture perfect idea of a family, it’s a series that shows the imperfections of a family and what it takes to make it work anyway.

Hint: love…love is what it takes to make it.

The series finished out its first season with rave reviews from fans and the anticipation for season 2 has been growing ever since. In recent days, the cast got back on set to work and some questions about next season have begun to be answered. While we don’t know much yet, and we would rather stay surprised on most of it, we do know that we’re going to need more boxes of kleenex before it’s season 2 debut.

At NBC Universal’s TCA Panel in Los Angeles, Robert Greenblatt had this to say about the Super Bowl Sunday episode of This Is Us.

It’s going to be an extraordinary and very emotional episode of television. It’s not a standalone episode. It’s going to be the next episode of the show. But there will be a lot of new fans who have never seen it before, and they’ll have no trouble dropping in. Dan Fogelman wants it to be very easy for someone to come into it rather than have them go, ‘What is going on here?’ At the same time, I think he really wants to pay off things for the existing fans.

Fans of the series have no doubt in Fogelman’s idea for not only this big episode but for the series in its entirety. The show has surpassed all expectations and carved a place out in the entertainment industry to be more than just a television series, but a viewing experience.

When you watch This Is Us, you’re compelled to call a family member you’ve not spoken to enough, reach out to a friend who may be going through a tough time, to love those in your life with a more genuine love and to take in the precious moments of your life.

Super Bowl Sunday will be the perfect date to air a special episode of the series, especially with what football means to the Pearson family.

What do you hope to see from the episode, and from the rest of season 2? Let us know.