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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’

Last week, the purge seems so far away. When “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” opens on a meeting at The Merry Makers Mask Co. we learn the purge is right around the corner. With many people not wanting to show their face on purge night, this company, as well as many others, have to make a fortune off these masks. I imagine even more so than during Halloween season. The head supervisor at the table wants to know where they are at with their pop-culture masks. That is when Jimmy reveals he thinks they should make a copy of the mask the campus killer is using and rush it to production. This will inevitably complicate matters come purge night.

Esme Makes A Confession To Ryan

THE PURGE -- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" Episode 207
THE PURGE — “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Max Martini as Ryan Grant, Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Esme is taking a huge risk by logging into the NFFA servers. She is trying to attain the names and addresses of the jackals who stole from Ryan and his crew last year. Ryan takes her to a discreet location and she reroutes her signal through various hubs. Although he does not understand why she came to an ex-cop to help her, the answer is simple. On purge night when anyone else would have purged the security guards, Ryan would not. She also knew he wouldn’t turn her in because he left a system that already betrayed him.  With the information finally acquired none of the reasoning matters.  They must leave.

Later on, Ryan convinces Esme to change her look. He even offers her access to a passport guy and she says she’s not leaving. Although she does not consider herself a hero, Ryan remarks, “Graveyards are full of heroes.” Is this foreshadowing to the end of the season? Regardless, none of that matters as soon as Ryan gets a call from the nursing home about his mother. She has wandered away from the facility again and Esme goes into action in an attempt to help locate her.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'

Once they find his mother, the policemen insist on walking them back to the car. The car in which Esme waits. However, if Clark Kent can get away with merely wearing glasses, surely her morphing into a blonde will suffice as a good enough disguise for now. As he gets back to the truck, Esme has exited as not to get him in trouble. When she makes it back to his secret hideout, Ryan admits to her that if she stays in the country he is as good as dead. He cannot put his team and his mother in that kind of danger.

In an unexpected move Esme admits to Ryan that she is the one that tagged Tommy. She explains that people were hurt by the NFFA and she was a part of that. She has to make it right. At that moment Ryan tells her that she cannot stay there anymore. Although he has seemingly given up on her, I think in the end he will still work with her to take down the NFFA. Until they take down the NFFA there will always be someone replacing her. Realizing she is telling the truth he allows her to stay.

Vivian Realizes The NFFA Is Hiding Something

THE PURGE -- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" Episode 207
THE PURGE — “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Connor Trinneer as Curtis, Charlotte Schweiger as Vivian Ross — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

As Curtis greets Vivian good morning, he asks why she is there so early. The truth is Vivian never left. However, when she asks exactly what Esme did to be deemed a traitor he tells her that having a big heart and caring too much is not what this job is about. When they learned of Esme’s betrayal it all came as a shock. He reveals that her biggest problem is that she too cared too much. She would not allow the system to their job. I feel like this is a warning toward Vivian instead of an explanation.

While Esme is walking she notices a flyer with a car for sale by Drew Adams. The number goes to Vivian. Esme tells her that she can get in trouble for merely talking to her and they might have already wired her by now. She says that isn’t possible and just wants to know the truth. Esme tells her that she cannot trust anyone. Vivian knows something is extremely wrong with this picture and asks if she can trust Esme and what to do. Esme explains that Vivian can help her.

Ben Takes Kellan Home

THE PURGE -- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" Episode 207
THE PURGE — “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Danika Yarosh as Kelen, Joel Allen as Ben — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Kellan wakes up before Ben and is determined to leave. No one can blame her after what she has discovered. As she attempts to get a car she realizes her desired ride is unavailable. The worst part is that Ben has woke up by that time. She feeds him an excuse that she has to get back to campus to start working on a big project and she is going to take a car back. When he insists on taking her she wants him to know he does not have to cut his time short with his family. However, considering he noticed the suitcase askew earlier he knows something is up. However, his mother does not understand that while it might make her feel better for Ben to take Kellan back, it does not make Kellan feel better.

On the car ride home, Ben insists that Kellan open his bag. She admits to him then that she saw the mask. He says that he knows she did. By not calling the cops it means that she cares about him. This was never a question though. Of course, she cares. Ben finally opens up that he has been on edge since purge night. When the farmer grabbed him he just reacted. He admits that he felt better after killing the farmer though and that is why he has continued to kill others. She tells him that being able to talk to her about this brings them closer together.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'

Ben knows despite all this the idea of him killing someone scares her. As he picks up a knife from the passenger side near her leg, we cannot help but feel the same fear as Kellan does. However, the biggest surprise of all is when Ben hands her the knife. He wants her to feel completely safe with him and if that means that she has a way to defend herself then he has no problem giving her the knife. Kellan attempts to roll down the window and Ben offers her some AC. When he stops at the gas station she begins to plan an exit and leaves the knife in the glove compartment.

Even though Kellan hands her phone over to Ben, she manages to get the word out that she is in trouble. She writes on a paper towel in the bathroom, “HELP! I’ve been kidnapped by the Campus Killer. Green Sudan. Southland on 55” before exiting. When she gets back to the car Ben is nowhere to be found as she grabs her bag in an attempt to escape. Getting back into the car, he thanks her for letting him use her phone and asks if she’s ready to go. Kellan is trying to distract Ben by talking about the future after finals.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'

However, Ben drives to a secluded road instead. He reveals what I knew all along. He went to the bathroom and found her note. Ben demands to know why she wrote the note. Kellan is scared and she doesn’t want to understand what is going on in his head. As she cries he is yelling at her to pick up the knife and to cut him so she can understand how he feels, how freeing it is. He tells her to “give herself permission to let go of all the guilt and the fear.” Instead of cutting him, she jams the knife into his leg and twists it before jumping out of the car and running away as fast as she can.

Ben is limping and attempting to run after her despite his injury. As Kellan is attempting to flee down a car, she is hit by a truck. Although it appears the injuries she sustains are too much for her to survive, Ben strangles her to put her out of her misery. At least I think that is what he feels he is doing in his head.

Marcus Debates If He Should Run

THE PURGE -- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" Episode 207
THE PURGE — “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Episode 207 — Pictured: Derek Luke as Marcus Moore — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Although Marcus finally gained the knowledge he has been looking for all season, he now feels like the bad guy. If he had not put so much pressure on Sam though where would the investigation be? Would he be any closer to knowing what he knows now? Michelle tells him that if the people in the neighborhood want to purge him they are the crazy ones, not them. It sounds like Marcus is trying to convince Michelle to leave before the next purge because he knows how crazy things are about to get.

As Marcus goes outside to get the paper, he notices some neighbors going into another house. One man in particular glares over at Marcus as they probably already know from Sam what is going on. Marcus tells Michelle and they head around the back of the house when no one answers. Sam and April are there and they try to cut the conversation short, but Marcus is having none of it. He flat out asks what has he done to make them hate him so much. He tries to make them understand how they would feel if it was there family.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'

Michelle begs them to talk to him. Clint asks Marcus if he remembers him before accusing him of killing his wife. When he moved into the neighborhood, Clint expected him to come to check on him, but he didn’t even recognize him. The rest of the neighborhood insists she was a saint and that she didn’t deserve to die. Clint gives him an ultimatum that if he gets out by midnight that they will consider taking the bounty off his head. If not he is going to be the one to kill him come purge night this upcoming year.

Without hesitation, Marcus and Michelle decide to leave. There’s no reasoning with grief as Michelle puts it and she’s right. Randomly though Darren shows up out of nowhere scared to death and saying he wants to go with them. He’s afraid that he has messed with the wrong people and they are now going to purge him as well. The wrong people possibly meaning the NFFA for helping Esme in the first place. There’s a checkpoint to the state. Michelle and Marcus can leave, but Darren is on a no-travel list now thanks to his involvement with Esme.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go'

When Marcus arrives back home, Clint is at his home across the street giving him a death glare. Marcus cannot and will not leave Darren though. If they all have to go down fighting they will. Marcus shares a sentiment that is beyond true. If they start running now they will run for the rest of their lives. They aren’t running. Not now. Not ever.

With that said we learn that there are only two days until the next annual purge. Do you think Marcus and Michelle will be able to keep themselves and Darren safe?  What do you think about Ryan and Esme being in a relationship? Can you believe Ben strangled Kellan? How much help do you think Vivian can truly be to Esme? Let us know your thoughts are below about tonight’s episode.


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