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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Before the Sirens’

Last week‘s episode addressed there were a mere two days left before the next annual purge. This week’s episode “Before the Sirens” opens with purge prep. The thought of living in a world where so much thought goes into what one wears on purge night is frightening. All this time and energy goes into it, much like you would imagine a teenage girl attempting to find a Halloween outfit. So it’s only fitting that that opening sequence includes three teenagers figuring out their look for purge night. I cannot imagine being a parent during all of this. I would have left my daughter’s room too if I were the dad in fear my kid would put me on her list to purge.  These girls were not the only ones prepping though.

Esme & Ryan Finalize Their Plans

THE PURGE -- Before the Sirens
THE PURGE — “Before the Sirens” Episode 208 — Pictured: Max Martini as Ryan Grant — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Ryan and Esme’s goal is to get through the night and to flee the country together afterward. He knows something is off, but not sure what exactly, and Esme tells him not to worry as Sara and Doug are gearing up for purge night. As they insist that they come down and join them, the team reveals a tradition they do every year before the purge. Sara puts her hand on a table, and Doug drops a knife in between her fingers. While Esme thinks this is crazy, she wants to be the one to drop the knife between Ryan’s fingers.

While they are participating in the fun and games, Esme learns they are shutting the roads down around the airport at five. They need those roads for the jammer, so Ryan makes a phone call to Ziv. The goal is to call and get the security detail moved. Of course, the captain does not want anything to do this because it will all come back to her. Esme has an idea that might solve everyone’s problems and keep everyone happy.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Before the Sirens'
THE PURGE — “Before the Sirens” Episode 208 — Pictured: Christine Dunford as SGT Andrea Ziv — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

The teams are ready for purge night. We can all tell that Ryan does not want Esme to leave, but he watches her drive off on what can be assumed is his motorcycle. Ryan keeps looking at his watch before he goes past the checkpoint before the security guards come back. As soon as the purge starts, he manages to take out the guy who came to primarily guard him as Ziv insists that Ryan has screwed up the entire plan, but the truth is they never planned on going with their intention at all. The bigger goal of the evening was to get them as far away from the plan as humanly possible.

We quickly learn as soon as the purge starts that the jackals were in the security vans, and they immediately take out everyone that thought they were going to make a quick payday off of Ryan and his crew. Some random kids are talking about how the truck Ryan, Sara, and Doug is a nice one. Doug shows them his gun, and they immediately back down. As they see the prisoner transport bus leave with Tommy on it, their most important goal of the evening is to make sure they rescue Tommy.

Vivian Continues to Fight the Good Fight

THE PURGE -- Before the Sirens
THE PURGE — “Before the Sirens” Episode 208 — Pictured: Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

A large group of people is dressed up as the campus killer. Curtis says, “With any luck, they will all get purged that evening” to Vivian. He doesn’t want anyone encouraging off purge night violence. Vivian has a fantastic poker face as Curtis insists that she cannot let things get personal on purge night when it comes to Esme. Vivian gets up from the desk as she notices she has an email with an address on it. Although Curtis seems to believe her when she says she’s going to get coffee, she goes to see Esme.

There is a bigger plan that not even Ryan knows yet. Vivian insists that he’s a good man that Esme should tell him, but Esme knows that Ryan would try to talk her out of whatever her endgame is for the evening. She asks if Vivian can ping her before the purge starts though near the entrance of the airport. Vivian agrees before heading off. Hopefully, she remembers to grab the coffee she used as a scapegoat to leave the building.

Right on time, Vivian tags Esme near the airport. The access roads are clear. Curtis realizes that the tag on Esme was a false hit. She apologizes to him, and he mentions a bounty. She is wanted for $500,000 dead or alive.

Ben Goes Full-on Psycho

Ben - Joel Allen - The Purge - Before the Sirens
Ben – Joel Allen – The Purge – Before the Sirens – 2×08 – USA Network

Turner looks nervous about purge night. He is telling the guys that they all need to prep the house so they can remain safe with numerous brothers having gone home to hide with their parents. They say if they have to help prep the house, then Ben needs to as well. All the brothers but Turner think that something is wrong with him and do not want to spend the night alone with him in the house. Turner pleads with him to stay. He doesn’t have to check out the way he did when his brother died.

Ben needs to take care of the second floor of the frat house. They eventually tell Turner that he doesn’t want to see the changes in his friend, but they are there. The haircut is just the final step. Taking another chance, Turner goes upstairs to find Ben one more time. He opens a notebook that is in his bag only to discover morbid drawings. One of them even including Andy lying dead in the elevator. Turner inevitably calls him out as he comes downstairs to go purging.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Before the Sirens'
Turner – Matt Shively – The Purge – Before the Sirens – 2×08 – USA Network

Picking up his crossbow, Turner points it in Ben’s direction. He tells him to go ahead and shoot him, but he cannot. Ben remarks, “some brotherhood” as he leaves. However, the game has changed. Turner now knows that Ben is the one that killed Andy. He instructs the rest of the brothers not to let him back into the house no matter what is said. An extra precaution is also put into place as Turner has everyone guard various areas of the house. However, considering they have all royally angered Ben at this point, something tells me this story arc is going to turn into something out of Black Christmas real quick.

The statement above is especially true, considering that Ben left a way for himself to get back in upstairs. He ambushes Scott and must figure out how to gain the upper hand. Turner notices that Scott has not come back down and gone upstairs with Ben’s crossbow in tow. Another frat brother tells Turner Scott’s location as he finds him gagged and tied up on his bed. Attempting to shoot Ben with the crossbow, he misses, and Ben eventually gets the upper hand and puts him in a choke-hold. Is Turner dead?

'The Purge' Recap: 'Before the Sirens'
Turner – Matt Shively – The Purge – Before the Sirens – 2×08 – USA Network

We learn that Turner was not dead as he wakes up. Ben is holding them captive as the sirens sound. He’s forcing them to play beer pong. As he tells his one frat brother to drink the beer, he shoots through the cup and his chest, noticeably killing him. Slicing another brother’s throat, Turner flees instead of freeing Scott. Instead of going after Scott, Ben goes up the stairs to go after Turner. Revenge a year in the making. Before killing Turner, Ben stops. He has a better idea. My prediction is that he is going to take Turner to The Hanging Bridge.

Marcus & Michelle Prepare to Defend Their Family

THE PURGE -- Before the Sirens
THE PURGE — “Before the Sirens” Episode 208 — Pictured: Derek Luke as Marcus Moore — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Marcus feels terrible that he hasn’t been there enough for his son. However, Darren has bought into the fact that maybe they deserve to be on someone’s list. The system betrays everyone. They have to abide by laws all year that they can break for twelve hours. Who does that genuinely help besides the government? Marcus devises a plan as they go for a drive. He insists that a tire as blew, but once out of the car he breaks Darren’s arm. Marcus points out that hospitals are off-limits even for the NFFA, but they will not let Darren stay in there unless he has an actual injury.

Tonya convinces Marcus that what he did was brave. She even offers Marcus a place to stay that night. He has to stay alive. Instead, Marcus goes back to the house. Michelle has cooked sushi, which is what the two of them had on the first date. She wanted them to have an excellent last meal if it turns out to be their last meal and to clear the air. I do not think she was expecting Marcus to be so honest by opening up about how much he hates her mother, though. Making up a complete lie about his teeth, they clink their glasses together. She promises if they can get through the night, she will try.

'The Purge' Recap: 'Before the Sirens'
THE PURGE — “Before the Sirens” Episode 208 — Pictured: Damien D. Smith as Andre — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

The next time we see Michelle and Marcus, they are gearing up for purge night. As the doorbell rings, Tonya and Andre are at their front door. They ready to stay the night. They are not going to let the two of them go at this night alone. Just before purge night starts, they take the hit down. However, what we notice is that the neighborhood has decided to take care of the situation. The whole community seems armed and ready to kill Marcus and anyone else who is willing to help him.

With the sirens sounding tonight, the last two episodes of season two are set to be rather intense. Did Marcus do the right thing by breaking Darren’s hand? Is that something you would do to protect your child? Are you shocked that Ryan betrayed Ziv? Do you think she had it coming?  What is Esme’s ultimate plan?  Do you see her surviving the purge? Are you hoping that Turner can somehow manage to take Ben out before the night is over? Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

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