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‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 3, ‘The Sin’, Goes All ‘John Wick 3’

Disney+’s flagship Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, premiered its third episode early Friday morning and it went all John Wick 3 on our hero, Mando.  Warning: Spoilers Ahead! The Mandalorian, episode 3, ‘The Sin’, continues to not only impress but also feed us all of the Star Wars goodies and nostalgia that we are all craving.

The episode opens with Mando returning to The Client to claim his reward for his bounty with Baby Yoda in tow.  Upon arrival, his reward is more than any reward given for a bounty and he utilizes the steel to create a shiny new set of armor.  However, when handing over Baby Yoda, Mando, uncharacteristically, asks what they plan to do with Baby Yoda, to which he is lectured that his kind is to move on and forget.

the mandalorian the client episode 3
CR: Lucasfilm

Mando takes his reward to the steel-smith, where he is given the bulk of it for new armor but the remainder goes to the younglings.  While there, he is confronted by another Mandalorian and questioned on his involvement with the Empire.  This then turns into a scuffle, to which the steel-smith quickly reminds them that Mando is within his right and of honor for his actions.

Upon leaving the planet, Mando struggles with the idea of leaving Baby Yoda in the hands of the empire and decides to go and retrieve the child.  Mando returns to where he left Baby Yoda and overhears a conversation discussing the extraction of some sort of material from Baby Yoda, most likely midi-chlorians? That would be the only logical thing they would want from the child.  However, it is possible, since we know little about the species, that there is something else valuable within it.

'The Mandalorian' Episode 3, 'The Sin', Goes All 'John Wick 3'

In classic Star Wars form, Mondo retrieves the child, only to have to fight off stormtroopers to make his way out of the hideout. We even get a, “Give it up!” from one stormtrooper, only to have it get shot instantaneously!  Mando makes his way out of the hideout but only to signal all of the bounty hunters on the planet that the bounty is live and trackable again.

the mandalorian episode 3 the sin
CR: Lucasfilm

As Mondo is heading towards his ship, he now becomes the hunted, as all of the bounty hunters are looking for him and the child. The closer he gets to his ship, the more he becomes surrounded until he has no choice but to stop.  Once surrounded, he instead decides to fight and begins to pick off each bounty hunter. Yet, he’s overwhelmed and surrounded.  In a moment, he appears resolved that he won’t be able to escape as he looks at the child. At that moment, a pack of Mandalorians comes flying in – jet packs! – to save the day and offer Mando an opportunity to escape to his ship, where he flies away!

the mandalorian epsidoe three the sin
CR: Lucasfilm

The title of this episode is appropriate, ‘The Sin’, as Mando surely has by becoming emotionally involved in the concern for the well being of the child, Baby Yoda.  Not only will countless bounty hunters be pursuing Mando, but so will the Empire – or its remains – come looking for him.  It’s also possible that the beginnings of The First Order will pursue him too. Also, the other Mandalorians are now vulnerable and exposed, as they most forego their hideout and are clearly now an enemy the Empire for assisting with Mondo’s escape.

Jon Favreau, writer, and creator of The Mandalorian, continues to do a stellar job of tying in our favorite Star Wars tropes while adding something new to the universe. Without a doubt, The Mandalorian has not been divisive among Star Wars die-hards. As we head towards episode four, which will air on November 29, it’s only going to get better!

What did you think of episode 3 of The Mandalorian? Tell us in the comments.


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