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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Reverse-Flash Returns’

The Flash Recap ‘The Reverse-Flash Returns’

Boy, this episode was a doozy. I was expecting it to be an emotional trip because of the return of Eobard Thawne, who we all assumed had been wiped from existence, but there was also a whole lot of heart packed into the other subplots.

Eobard has landed in the time of the Flash, which is something he was hoping for. He doesn’t have enough power to get back so he goes to Mercury labs and kidnaps our poor friend Tina McGee, forcing her to help him harness the power of the Tachyon. Barry manages to stop Eobard from using the Tachyon and killing Tina, but almost kills the Reverse Flash himself. Instead, quick talking from Team Flash convinces him to keep Eobard alive and bring him back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Unfortunately, all of this has adverse effects on Cisco, since they just disrupted the course of the timeline by capturing Eobard. Barry then has to help send Reverse Flash back to his own time. They succeed and save Cisco.

This episode serves as the origin of Reverse Flash and sets the events of the previous season into motion. This is the first time that Eobard has met any of the team and only further fuels his desire to hurt Flash. We find out exactly why he hates the Flash so much. Eobard idolized him, so much so that he recreated the accident and gave himself super speed. He later realized that he could never be the Flash and decided to become the reverse instead. He has now made it his goal to destroy Flash, which we know he partially succeeds in doing. What he never accounted for was just how strong Barry is. Despite everything, Barry keeps moving forward and isn’t defined by what Reverse Flash has done.

This episode, we say good-bye to Batty. Barry, now that Patty has decided to leave Central City, has resolved not to try and stop her. He believes that if he tells her the truth, she will stay and this will only put her in danger. Barry doesn’t want to lose someone else he cares about. Naturally, Patty is hurt that he is just going to let her go. After letting slip that he and Joe have done work for S.T.A.R. Labs, Patty does some digging into Barry’s cases and finally puts two and two together. She figures out that he is the Flash. Barry denies this, but Patty calls him and fakes a gunman on her train. Flash rushes to her aid and it’s then that she knows for sure. Barry doesn’t disguise his voice as he tells her that he just wants her to be safe. Patty knows the truth, but it is too late. Good-bye, Patty. Have fun at CSI school. She may be off the show for now, but I bet we will see her again.

We also said good-bye to Francine West. Joe and Iris go to see her, but Wally is absent. Iris visits Wally and puts him in his place. She understands his anger because she just found out about him too. Iris then talks about Eddie and how she never got a chance to tell him everything she felt for him before he died. Wally at least has the opportunity to say all of those things to his mother. I am hopeful that Iris talked some sense into Wally and he will stop being a jerk toward her and Joe. On a side note, I’m glad that Joe didn’t tell Iris about Eobard. She probably would have killed him herself if given the chance.

Probably one of my favorite parts of the episode is Harry helping Cisco hone his abilities. They developed some glasses that help Cisco control his vibe, and because of this,
they are able to save Tina’s life and catch Eobard. Cisco is one step closer to suiting up (yes!).

Caitlin searches for Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger, hoping that Jay-1’s cells can substitute Jay-2’s dying ones and save his life. She can’t find him however and finally discloses her plan to Jay. He tells her that he had already thought of that and it won’t work. In order to survive, Jay needs to get his powers back from Zoom. Jay shows Caitlin who is doppelganger is and then drops a major name from the comics. Jay Garrick on Earth-1 is named Hunter Zolomon. Who is Hunter Zolomon? In the comics, he is the third speedster to take up the Reverse Flash mangle and then goes on to become none other than Zoom. So is Zolomon the man in the black suit? I don’t think so. If he were, then why did he go to Earth-2 to start his wave of destruction? Why not just stay on Earth-1? Zolomon could be Zoom, and it is no coincidence that the writers decided to name Jay’s alter-ego that. I’m not completely convinced he’s the big baddie, but am excited to see how he is developed in the coming episodes.

The next episode is titled “Fast Lane.”

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