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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Fast Lane’

Published on February 3rd, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Fast Lane’

This was a really great episode. The action takes a backseat in order to focus more on the West family and Harry.

Tar Pit is another metahuman that was created via the particle accelerator, but he has been lying dormant for two years. Now he is seeking revenge on the four thugs that caused him to be at the tar factory that night. Team Flash develops a bomb that renders his powers inert and they take him in.

Wally is still angry at the world. Iris decides to show up at one of his races (and it’s hilarious) to try and talk him out of it. He turns her down so she instead takes photos to use against the orchestrator of the race in an expose that will shut everything down. Turns out the guy who runs the ring was involved with Tar Pit and the metahuman attacks one of the races. Wally is almost killed, but Flash shows up and saves him. However, a piece of glass escapes Barry’s grasp and strikes Iris in the shoulder. She’s okay, but her injury pushes Joe to finally stand up to Wally, who claims that he never asked her to be there so it is all her fault. Up until then, Joe was treating Wally like a friend, not a son, because he didn’t want to push him away by being strict. Joe gives one of his fantastic speeches, telling Wally that he is not alone and there are people who pray every night for his safety. Later, Wally and Iris have a great exchange and I can’t wait to see their relationship flourish.

Harry has developed a device that will steal Barry’s speed. He attaches it behind the crest on the suit and starts taking the Speed Force to give to Zoom. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the team notices that Barry is getting slower. Then, Harry flat out admits that he is the one that did it (I’m glad that they didn’t drag this out and got right to it). Team Flash is incredibly upset and they lock up Harry. He suggests that, now that they know how to close the breaches, they send Harry back to Earth-2 and close all the breaches. That way, Zoom can never get to them. This would, however, sentence him and Jessie to death. After a speech from Barry (great job, Grant Gustin), Team Flash decides that they all would have done the same thing if they were in Harry’s shoes. They would always put their loves ones first.

So Barry resolves to go with Harry to Earth-2 and save his daughter, and I am really excited. We’ve had a break from the Zoom plot being the main focus, but I image the next two episodes are going to get pretty wild.

I do wonder why it is that Zoom asked Harry to steal Barry’s speed. Why would’t Zoom just take it all himself? He has stayed away from Barry since he almost killed him and I don’t know why he would do that. Zoom had beaten Barry. So I think that Zoom is staying away because of the company that Barry keeps, namely Cisco. Cisco was able to shoot Zoom with the slowing dart, which no-one else was able to do as Zoom always say it coming, and I believe that he was able to do this because of his abilities. In the comics, Vibe’s powers work in opposition to the Speed Force. We don’t see this effect on Barry (or they just don’t draw attention to it), but perhaps it is effecting Zoom. He can’t sense Cisco because he is hiding himself from Zoom and the Speed Force.
It would explain why he would get Harry to slowly do his dirty work. Just a theory.

Next week, it’s “Welcome to Earth-2.”

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