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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The New Rogues’

The Flash Recap ‘The New Rogues’

There’s a new meta in town and he wants revenge on Leonard Snart. Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon teamed up with Snart three years prior to the episode, but Scudder was greedy and already spend the money despite Snart’s advice to lay low. They get into a fight and Scudder is thrown against a mirror when the particle accelerator explodes. Scudder and Rosalind are both hit by the blast, while Snart flees. When Rosalind wakes up, Scudder is gone. In the present, the building where he disappeared is to be demolished so the crew is busy cleaning it up. They lift up the mirror and Scudder appears.

Barry and Iris are trying to make their relationship work, but it is incredibly awkward whenever Joe appears. Iris says that Barry has to talk him and make things better. When he does, nothing really gets resolved, but both of them pretend that the conversation went smoothly. Things are still awkward, but the three finally come to terms with their changing dynamic. Barry then decides to move out. Another blooming romance is between Jesse and Wally. I really like them together and at first, Wally is hesitant because Jesse and Harry are going back to Earth-2 soon. He is scared to have feelings for her when she’s just going to leave. I also wish Jesse and Harry would stick around.

Barry and Jesse team up to stop Scudder and Rosalind (who can induce crippling vertigo, gaining the villain name Top). Jesse doesn’t listen to Barry and ends up getting him trapped inside a mirror. Team Flash tries to figure out how to remove Barry from the glass. Harry and Cisco come up with the idea to freeze the molecules in the glass, which should allow Barry to phase through. Only problem is that they can’t get the temperature low enough. When everyone leaves, Caitlin walks up behind the mirror and uses her powers, freeing Barry.

Jesse and Barry work better together this time and stop Scudder and Rosalind. They use a holographic image of Snart in order to lure the evil duo into a trap. With their job complete, Harry and Jesse are set to travel back to Earth-2. Before they go, Harry tells Cisco that their cold machine didn’t work to get Barry out of the mirror. Something else froze the molecules.

Harry isn’t leaving Team Flash Harrison Wells-less though. He, Cisco, and Caitlin put out a message to all the other Wells’ across the multiverse. Then they played a game of Tinder trying to find the best Wells to replace Harry. He goes by H.R. and he is quite the character. We are in for a goofier Harrison Wells than we have seen before. I’m going to miss Harry and Jesse, but am glad the show figured out a way to keep Tom Cavanagh around.

In the final scene, Caitlin is taking a shower when her powers suddenly activate and freeze everything. She goes to the mirror and her lips have turned blue and there’s a streak of white in her hair. Caitlin cuts off the white, but there is only so much she will be able to do to keep her powers hidden. I just want her to tell the others because they will accept and help her get them under control. I do hope that we get a reason as to why she has kept them a secret.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Monster.’

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