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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Back to Normal’

Published on April 27th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Back to Normal’

Last episode, we got the backstory of Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon. He then kidnapped Wally and used him to get Barry’s speed. After injecting himself with the extra Speed Force, Hunter tried to kill Barry, but Caitlin stepped in. Hunter released Barry, grabbed Caitlin, and fled back to Earth- 2.

This week, Team Flash faces off against Griffin Grey, who gained super human strength from the particle accelerator explosion. This would be cool if it wasn’t also damaging his cells and making him age faster. Grey kidnaps Harry, thinking him to Earth-1’s Harrison Wells, and demands he cure him. Harry stalls by working on something he know won’t make a difference. Meanwhile, Barry, Cisco, and Joe try to take down Grey without The Flash. It doesn’t go well, but Barry learns that every time Grey throws a punch, he ages. They think that if they can get Grey to throw a bunch of hits, he will eventually age out. Only problem is Barry doesn’t have his super human healing anymore and he can barely withstand one punch. Cisco, with some help from Jesse, modify the Flash suit with an alloy that will protect Barry against one hit. With that in mind, Team Flash go after Grey. They manage to get him to throw a bunch of punches and Barry takes two to the chest before Grey finally goes down.

Over on Earth-2, Caitlin is being held in Zoom’s lair. She tries to talk him into letting her go home, but he won’t listen. Interestingly enough, he is having flashbacks to his mother’s death at the mention of a couple of phrases by Caitlin that his parents said in that moment. It seems that he is still deeply affected by his parents and that can continue to be used against him. Anyway, Hunter leaves Caitlin alone in the lair where she wanders over to his prison rooms and meets Killer Frost. Hunter did keep her alive after her betrayal, and she says herself that it was probably because she is Caitlin and he loves her. All Caitlin wants to do is get back home and Killer Frost says that the only way to do that is to help her get out of the cell. Otherwise, Caitlin won’t be able to get down the mountain. Caitlin agrees and breaks the villain free. Caitlin also wants to try and get the man in the mask out, but Killer Frost stops her. Then, she turns on Caitlin, saying that now that Hunter has her, there’s no need for him to keep the Earth-2 version alive. She throws an icicle at Caitlin, and you think that she’s about to die, when Hunter comes out of nowhere, phases through Caitlin to catch the ice. He then jams it into Killer Frost’s stomach, saying that she was right and he doesn’t need her. RIP Killer Frost. Maybe now you and Deathstorm can be happy together. Hunter tells Caitlin that if she tries to escape with the man in the mask, he’ll kill him too. Caitlin says that she just wants to go home, and Hunter says that he will make that happen, but first, he is going to conquer Earth-1. He won’t stop there though. All of the multiverse if there for the taking. He grabs Caitlin and they’re gone.

This episode saw the return of Jesse. It was good to have her back and I liked having her as a part of Team Flash without Harry there. She worked well with Cisco and Barry, and I’m glad that she is going to stick around. Jesse and Harry made up at the end of the episode, so it looks like their relationship is on the mend. She will be an asset to Team Flash, especially since Caitlin is gone. We also saw Wally trying to convince Joe to let him talk to the Flash. He wants to thank him for saving his life. Joe finally agrees and it was a really great moment. Wally tells Flash that he won’t let this opportunity go to waste.

At the end of the episode, Harry tells Barry that he is going to help him get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion. Yikes. This really seems like the only way to get it back,
but there are going to probably be a bunch of consequences, both good and bad. I foresee that there are going to be a whole lot of new metahumans created. The team will try and contain the blast, but it probably won’t work like they planned, especially if Hunter gets word of their intention. I also believe that Jesse or Wally, or both, will also get speed from this new explosion. It might end
up being that both get their powers, but Jesse decides to go back to Earth-2 and use her abilities to help clean up after Zoom’s rein of terror. Barry will be forced to reveal his identity to Wally and will become his mentor. I also really hope that Caitlin gets her abilities from this. Will she turn evil? I don’t know, but she has really had a hard two years. She also just watched herself die and saw what she could become. I think Caitlin is too pure a soul to be evil, but it would be interesting if she went up against her former team. Don’t think that would happen though. But I do really want her to get powers.

Four episodes left. Next week’s episode is called ‘Rupture.’

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