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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Shade’

The Flash Recap ‘Shade’

The metahuman of the week is Shade, who can harness people’s shadows and grow into a monster-like apparition. You can’t get your hands on him because he is a literal shadow. Team Flash deals with this new threat (and stop him by using light) while also dealing with Wally’s awakening. He has started having dreams of his life in Flashpoint. Barry finally tells the Wests what happened to them in the alternate timeline and Wally is upset at the news that he was a speedster. He is even more upset at Joe, who he believes doesn’t trust him with powers. Alchemy keeps summoning Wally to him and in order to keep him safe, Team Flash locks Wally in the pipeline.

H.R. has an idea for S.T.A.R. Labs. He thinks that people might put two and two together and realize that they are working with the Flash, so he unveils the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum. Cisco and Caitlin turn him down and reveal the truth that on this Earth, Harrison Wells is a murderer. H.R. is upset with them for lying to him, but he also lied about being a scientist. Cisco believes that H.R. is going through his stuff and stole his metahuman suppression handcuffs. H.R. denies it, but Cisco is convinced. Later, Caitlin tells Cisco that she took the cuffs. She then reveals her powers and asks him to vibe her. Caitlin needs to know if she becomes her or not. In the future, Cisco and Caitlin are fighting each other. Cisco lies about the vision, Caitlin knows that he is lying to her. When she confronts him later, he admits the truth. She is hurt by his dishonesty.

Team Flash is trying to decide what to do with Wally as Alchemy’s call grows stronger. Wally suggests that they use him to get to Alchemy, an idea that Joe is strongly against. The team discuss their next move, knowing that Alchemy will send more metahumans that he created to get Wally. Cisco says that the longer they hide, the worse things will get, throwing looks at Caitlin. He gets her to tell the truth, even though she wasn’t ready to do so. Team Flash is in shock and Caitlin walks off, saying that she is going to have to leave before she becomes Killer Frost. Barry goes to talk to her. He tells her that it is his fault she has powers now because in every other timeline, she didn’t have them. They are interrupted by Wally having another episode. Team Flash decides to use Wally to get to Alchemy, but Joe is going to make sure they go in well protected.

Accompanied by Flash, Joe, and a SWAT team, Wally goes to Alchemy. The villain is with his remaining three metahuman disciples, whose identities are still unknown, and he tells Wally that he can unlock his full potential. Flash and the SWAT team move in before anything else can happen. They have Alchemy and his followers surrounded, but Alchemy tells them that they have no idea what is to come. Suddenly, there’s a streak of white light and the SWAT team are taken down. Joe yells for Wally to get out of there, but Wally has caught sight of a stone dropped by Alchemy. He touches it and is encased in a husk.

Barry chases after the white light, but is suddenly caught by it. It is a massive metallic demon who announces himself as Savitar, the god of speed. The episode ends with Barry about to be impaled.

My favorite moments from the episode were all the scenes between Cisco and Caitlin. Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdez were both really great this week.  I love their friendship and I don’t want them to be enemies. I don’t want Caitlin to be an enemy at all and wonder what happens to lead her down that path. Next episode will probably shed some more light on that.

There were a couple of questions that came to mind when I was watching the episode. First off, where was Julian? Barry and Joe tried to get in touch with him before they went to stop Alchemy, but they couldn’t find him and he wasn’t answering his phone. I don’t know why they wanted to have Julian along with them, but it was odd that he wasn’t at work. Is he one of the villains? Last week, he talked about how he was studying to become the best scientist, but then the game changed when metahumans were created. However, he seemed genuinely torn up about almost killing a kid last week, so I don’t really think that he’s evil. Unless he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Second, is Alchemy even a metahuman? We have thought up until now that he was the one who killed Edward Clariss, but that was really Savitar. He was shooting beams of light at Flash and the SWAT team during the showdown, but it looked to me like they were coming from his rock thing, not actually from him. If he’s not a metahuman, then could he be Julian? He created a way to give himself powers without being a meta, but again, after last week, I don’t think it is Julian unless he has no knowledge of what he is doing. If Alchemy is actually a metahuman, then what are his actual powers?

Third, is Savitar the one calling the shots? If so, why? What does he hope to achieve? On another note, Barry seems to be the only one who can actually see Savitar.

Next week, the episode is entitled ‘Killer Frost’ and was directed by Kevin Smith, who did an amazing job with the episode he directed last year. I, for one, am really excited for this one.

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