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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Paradox’

The Flash Recap ‘Paradox’

Since Barry’s reversal of Flashpoint, he has discovered that the timeline didn’t completely fix itself. Iris and Joe aren’t speaking to each other because Iris never forgave him for lying about her mother being alive. Cisco can’t even look at Barry because he won’t go back in time and save his brother, Dante. There’s a new CSI, Julian Albert, who specializes in metahumans and he does not like Barry at all. Barry tells the whole truth to Felicity and she asks what has changed in her world, which was a good way to address the effect Flashpoint had on the other shows, and the only thing that is different is that Diggle had a son instead of a daughter. John Diggle Jr. was hinted at in Legends of Tomorrow, but we just thought that he would be their second child.

Barry tries really hard to repair the damage done to the relationships within Team Flash, but nobody is willing to work it out. He decides to go back in time once more and try to fix this timeline when he is dragged from the Speed Force by Jay Garrick. Barry and Jay discuss Barry’s decisions, and Jay tells him that every time be goes back, another crack will appear in the timeline. Nothing will ever be the same again. Barry needs to accept what happened and move forward.

Barry returns to his current time and tells the team everything. However, he doesn’t say what exactly is different now. If any of them want to know, he will tell them. Iris forgives Joe, but Cisco is still hurt that Barry would go back and save his family, but not Dante. Barry confronts him and says that knowing you changed the timeline and caused someone to die is a heavy burden to bear. If he saved Dante, someone else might suffer for it.

In Flashpoint, Barry faced off against Edward Clariss, aka The Rival. When Barry reversed his actions, Clariss didn’t have any powers. Last week, he was spoken to by just a voice as the name “Alchemy” was scratched on a mirror. Now, Clariss remembers that in Flashpoint, he had super speed. He finds Alchemy, who is leading a cult, and says he wants that power back. Alchemy bestows that upon him. There have been a number of human husks appearing around Central City and it appears that is the result of Alchemy giving people their powers. This is very bad.

Barry and Rival face off, and once again, Rival is about to get the upper hand when Barry is saved. Last time it was by Joe, this time, it’s Cisco, who is using his newly designed gauntlets that let him control his powers (he’s getting a suit! Yes!). They lock Clariss in Iron Heights. There was a mysterious figure watching as Barry and Clariss confronted each other. I think that it might have been Julian. Later, in Iron Heights, Alchemy speaks to Clariss once more, who begs to be given another chance. Alchemy instead appears in the cell and probably kills him.

Barry and Iris are sitting together on the porch and she says that she doesn’t want to know anything about the other timelines. She says that it doesn’t really matter. They kiss and it looks like their relationship will finally take off.

My favorite moment of the episode was Cisco appearing as a more realized Vibe and Caitlin having powers. She is keeping them a secret from the team. I wish that the clip hadn’t been shown in the episode trailer because it would’ve been a nice surprise that she was hiding her powers. There were no hints at how much of last season still remains, so is Caitlin keeping it a secret because everything that happened with Killer Frost still remains true? Is she afraid that the others will think she’ll become evil? I don’t think they would because she is the sweetest person on the planet, but there has to be some reason she isn’t telling them the truth. I’m excited to see how this plays out in the coming episodes, especially episode 7, which is called ‘Killer Frost.’

The next episode is entitled ‘Magenta’ and will see the return of Harry and Jesse Wells from Earth-2.

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