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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Flashpoint’

The Flash Recap ‘Flashpoint’

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

In the season 3 premier, we find ourselves in a world where Reverse-Flash didn’t kill Barry’s mother. Now, Barry walks with a spring in his step as he almost has everything he’s ever wanted. However, none of his friends in the other timeline remember who he is. Barry starts by asking Iris out on a date and she accepts. There are two obstacles in their path, one being Joe who is a drunkard and heavily disapproves of them (Iris puts him in his place). They are talking when word reaches them that Kid Flash and The Rival are locked in battle. Iris runs off, as does Barry. He arrives on the scene and tries to save Kid Flash, who has been thrown out a window, but Barry’s powers short out. Kid Flash falls into a dumpster, unconscious. Barry goes to him and removes his mask, revealing Wally West.

Wally gained his powers after his enhanced-engine car was struck by lightning. He and Iris have joined forces in order to fight crime. Barry wants to help them take down The Rival and they say that the only person who can is billionaire Cisco Ramon. Cisco, however, doesn’t want anything to do with them. Barry tries to convince him, but the memories of his and Cisco’s friendship start to disappear. After that, Barry decides to tell them all the truth. But first, there’s someone else missing from the team. Barry runs off and “kidnaps” Caitlin, who is now an ophthalmologist. Barry explains everything that has happened and his changing of time. Nobody but Iris believes him. Iris tells Barry that she feels like something has been missing from her life and only felt at peace when Barry appeared.

Barry and Wally team-up to take on The Rival, but Wally doesn’t want to be a side-kick. He ignores Barry’s plan and attacks Rival on his own. This ends in Wally taking a lead pipe to the chest. Barry and Rival face off, but once again, Barry’s powers fail. Iris gives him a pep talk, and it is enough to get Barry running. He defeats Rival and goes to Wally, but the Rival doesn’t stay down. He is about to kill Barry when there’s a gunshot. Joe arrives on the scene and shots the evil speedster. Barry removes his cowl and tells Joe that Wally needs help. They get him back to the others at Ramon Industries, but he isn’t healing like he should be.

Barry realizes that he can’t continue in this world. He goes to where he has kept Reverse-Flash imprisoned all these months and tells him that they have to go back and kill Nora. Reverse-Flash willingly agrees.

Barry finds himself back where he was when he changed time back in the season 2 finale. He goes into the West house and gives Wally a big hug. Joe and Wally are confused by Barry’s pep since Henry just died. Barry says that he is okay and then asks where Iris is. Joe tells him that isn’t funny and storms out of the house. Iris and Joe had a falling out and haven’t spoken in ages.

The final scene of the episode is the man behind The Rival mask, Edward Clariss, being woken up by a creepy voice and a name being etched into a mirror: Alchemy. In the comics, Dr. Alchemy was a foe of the Flash. He told Clariss  to “wake up,” and this could either mean to embrace his identity as the Rival or Dr. Alchemy.

Flashpoint has seemingly come and gone, but not without further consequences. I am incredibly intrigued by what else has been affected in this new timeline, as well as how it trickles to the other CW shows. It also looks as though Barry and Iris’ relationship will take a front seat this season, and makes you wonder what it actually looks like in this new timeline. Are they even friends? What other adverse effects will present themselves?

The next episode is entitled ‘Paradox.’

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