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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Enter Flashtime’

The Flash Recap ‘Enter Flashtime’

Last week, Team Flash figured out how Thinker is getting around. Barry believes that if he can get fast enough, he can jump into the pocket dimension whenever DeVoe leaves the scene. He works Cisco to the bone trying to jump through a break in enough time. Eventually, Cisco gets annoyed and calls for a break.

Jesse is in town following the death of her mother, and is angry at Harry for not talking to her about it. She and Harry have both been having a hard time, but Harry is channeling all his feelings into anger. All of them are interrupted by a distress call from Joe, who was helping escort something for ARGUS. Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Jesse answer the call.

They arrive on the scene to clean up the shooters, but one got into the container with the item that ARGUS was transporting. It is a nuclear bomb. Before Barry can get to one of the attackers, she detonates it.

Barry and Jesse remain in motion to stop the explosion from wiping out the city. They try to figure out what to do. Barry has Jesse run to Earth-3 to get Jay as he might know what to do. While she does that, Barry brings Cisco into “Flashtime” with him, thinking they can breach the bomb away. Unfortunately, because Cisco is moving so fast, the breach doesn’t have enough time to form. Cisco then starts having problems breathing and Barry is forced to let him go. Before returning to normal speed, Cisco tells Barry to talk to Harry.

'The Flash' Recap 'Enter Flashtime'
Image: The CW

Harry suggests taking the bomb and throwing it into the Speed Force. He believes that it should be able to handle the blast, but has no idea what kind of effect it’ll have. He then asks Barry to make sure his daughter gets away before anything else happens. Jesse returns with Jay, who tells Barry they can’t put the bomb in the Speed Force. Their next plan is to cool the bomb down, so they head out and grab Killer Frost. She tries to freeze the blast, but again, they’re moving too fast for it to do any damage. Before Barry lets her go, Killer Frost asks him to save Caitlin.

Their next step is to blast it with enough energy to suppress the explosion. The three of them combined could have enough energy in their lightning bolts to do so. Unfortunately, they’re all getting too tired. Jay is unable to continue and stops running. Jesse has about reached her limits too. Barry tells her to go back to Earth-2. She unwillingly leaves Barry. She goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to try and talk to her father, but she can’t do the trick like Barry and bring someone into Flashtime. Jesse apologizes to Harry, but also just wants to make sure that he’s okay. She then stops running.

'The Flash' Recap 'Enter Flashtime'
Image: The CW

Barry tries to figure out what to do, but he’s all out of options and he’s slowing down considerably. There’s not much time left. He goes to Iris, telling her that he can’t save them. He’s done all he can think of. The only thing that could’ve worked was the lightning trick, but he doesn’t have enough power. Iris tells him that in order to get him out of the Speed Force, they used a beacon to trick it into thinking Barry never left. If Barry can find it, he can trick the Speed Force into following him and reacting with the explosion.

Barry retrieves the device, then runs as the Speed Force chases him back to the bomb, which has advanced in its detonation. He throws the beacon into the blast and the lightning follows. The two react and the day is saved.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin tells the three speedsters to get rest as their energy levels are depleted. Jay says that he might be permanently resting. He’s been at it a long time and thinks someone else should take up the mantle. As soon as he’s done training a new speedster, he’s going to retire. Team Flash wishes him the best of luck.

Harry and Jesse have a conversation before she heads back to Earth-2. She understands that she can’t force Harry to talk about his feelings. He’ll do so when he’s ready. Harry presents her with his mental dampener for Cecile, but he’s made a modification. Now, there’s a device that allows someone to share their thoughts with another. He allows Jesse to listen to his memories of her mother.

The final scene finds Harry and Caitlin at CC Jitters. Caitlin tells Harry that for the first time, she actually remembers something from her time as Killer Frost. Not words, but for the first time, she remembers being worried. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the awkward waitress from the wedding. She spills a Killer Frost drink all over their table, saying she’s nervous because she’s meeting someone. She rambles on and on to them while cleaning up the table. Harry and Caitlin wish her luck with her meeting and leave. The woman then says that it went very well.

This is a great episode and the acting was amazing all around. Grant Gustin really showed his abilities this week and that moment between him and Iris when he admits he can’t save them was incredibly emotional. It was actually kinda nice to take a break from the DeVoe plotline for a bit.

I want to know what the awkward woman, who might just be Barry and Iris’ daughter Dawn, is doing. She’s interacting with everyone on Team Flash, but why? We’ll hopefully get the answer in a couple of weeks since we are about 8 episodes from the season finale, but I’d rather it be sooner than later. Guess since we got the villain reveal so early in the season, there needed to be some mystery withheld until the end.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Run, Iris, Run.’