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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Run, Iris, Run’

Published on March 14th, 2018 | Updated on March 14th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Run, Iris, Run’

Harry has a new idea for tackling DeVoe that involves creating a “thinking cap” similar to what he was wearing the night the particle accelerator exploded. The team isn’t really on board with the plan, none more so than Cisco, who outright refuses to help Harry. Ralph gets mad at the others, saying this could be their only chance to save him and stop DeVoe, yet no one wants to take it. Iris tries to talk him down, but Ralph says she has no idea what it feels like to be out in the field, putting her life on the line.

After a heist gone wrong in which a meta with incredible fire abilities has them taken from him, Iris and Joe track down Matthew Kim, who lives not far from the bus stop and was on it that day. When confronted by them, Matthew pulls a knife on Iris. Barry runs in to save her, pushing Matthew away and grabbing Iris. In doing so, he unwillingly switched their DNA. Barry is rendered powerless and Iris is a speedster.

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Now that they know what Matthew’s ability actually is, they determine that he would be a great asset to them. If they can get him on their side, then they could strip DeVoe of the six abilities he’s stolen. But first, they need to find whoever was granted the robber’s fire power. They get an alert that a skyscraper is on fire and Iris runs off to save the people inside. Barry tries to instruct her how to suppress the flames, but she only ends up making the fire stronger. The building starts to collapse and Iris is pinned beneath rubble. Barry tells her she has to phase through it, but Iris has had her powers for less than a day and can’t. Cisco vibes in to pull her out.

Harry completes his first prototype of the thinking cap and tries it on, becoming infinitely smarter. Unfortunately, he can’t wear it for long as it bursts into flames. Cisco doesn’t want to help Harry complete the cap because they don’t know the outcome of exposing Harry to dark matter. He could become a psychopath just like DeVoe. Cisco agrees to help Harry if they remove dark matter from the equation and Cisco can vibe Harry back to Earth-2 if he starts acting like a crazy person. Harry agrees.

Iris pushes herself harder to learn the tricks of the trade, and reveals to Barry that she feels like she has something to prove. Since joining the team, she hasn’t put herself in danger, therefore someone don’t feel like she’s pulling her weight. Barry tells her that she is an integral part of the team. They get an alert that the fire meta is back, and Matthew is there too.

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Iris speeds in, slapping some cuffs on Matthew. The fire meta creates a vortex of flames around him, threatening to destroy the city. Iris asks Barry what to do and he doesn’t know. Running circles around him to suppress the blaze won’t work. Harry suggests they use the thinking cap. Cisco is against it, since they don’t yet know what it’ll do, but Barry agrees. Harry puts it on and determines that there is only one scenario that will work. Iris has to run fast enough to create a tidal wave. Barry describes to Iris how to run on water and then they just have to wait as she creates a wave and aims it back at the meta. It works and he is defeated.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they have Matthew return Barry’s powers. Then, they ask for his help in taking on DeVoe. Matthew agrees. Iris talks to Ralph, who admits that he was wrong about her. She is incredibly strong and he can’t keep wallowing in seclusion. He has to get out there and face his fears, face DeVoe. Later, Barry tells Iris he never would have asked her to relinquish her powers, and she said she was happy to. Being a speedster for a couple of days reminded her of what she loves doing the most, which is being a journalist. She starts writing an article about the events with the fire meta.

Cisco and Harry use the thinking cap to locate the two remaining bus metas. Harry has has the cap on for quite a while and Cisco asks him to remove it. Harry says that he doesn’t need it anymore. He knows the names of the two metas, and now they seem to be one step ahead of DeVoe.

Matthew’s abilities are going to come in handy against DeVoe, that is, if they have a chance to use them. The only way for him to transfer DNA is to touch both his victim and his intended. That means he’s gonna have to get in close. But you also can’t help but wonder if DeVoe is allowing Team Flash to find the metas. Get them all in one place and make them easier to catch, much like the metas Barry locked up in Iron Heights. Team Flash might just be playing into DeVoe’s hands.

I’m a little worried about Harry. He is obsessed with out-thinking DeVoe and it might get him in trouble. If he fails again, it will lead him down a dark path. If he is successful, he will keep relying on the cap and might become consumed by the knowledge it provides. I think they shouldn’t try to outsmart DeVoe, but instead go back to the cerebral inhibitor. Or figure out how to get Matthew in direct contact with him to steal his powers.

We are seven episodes from the season finale and thinks are starting to ramp up, but we are still in the dark on DeVoe’s ultimate plan. I’m hoping that we find out soon.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Null and Annoyed.’


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