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The ‘Everwood’ Cast Just Reunited for it’s 15th Anniversary and Literally Everyone Was Crying

By the wonderful powers that be, the last slot of the 2017 TCA’s  today was the for CW and they brought with them the best thing ever. The cast of Everwood (sans Chris Pratt) all got together onstage for the first time since the show wrapped to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary and the fact that Everwood is currently the number one series streamed on the CW Seed App.

For those of you who don’t remember or have no idea what Everwood is, allow me to fill you in.

Everwood, which was created by CW superhero jauggernaut Greg Berlanti first aired in 2002 and followed world renowned brain surgeon Dr. Andrew Brown as he struggled to put the pieces of his family back together after his wife’s passing. He moves to a small Colorado town called Everwood with his son Ephram and his daughter Delia where they all must deal their own relationship as a family, adjusting to small-town life, frienships, jobs, and relationships.

It starred Treat Williams, Gregory Smith, Vivien Cardone, Emily VanCamp, Chris Pratt, Debra Mooney, John Beasley and Tom Amandes. Yes, you read that correctly. Everwood starred a very young and super handsome Chris Pratt.

Even though the series was abruptly canceled after it’s fourth season, it has always had a huge fan base who all deeply resonated with the show’s small town vibe and emotional center. So, it’s safe to say that people were ecstatic when news about the reunion got out.

It wasn’t just fans that got emotional, though. A lot of the cast on stage were brought to tears when reflecting on their time on the show.

The 'Everwood' Cast Just Reunited for it's 15th Anniversary and Literally Everyone Was Crying

“This is an emotional day for me,” Berlanti said after getting choked up while answering a question. “It was about coming of age, and I was so lucky I made it when I did, at the beginning of my career.”

He also said the show came out of “wanting to put on television a subject matter that was in the news but not necessarily reflected in dramas…the notion that tragedy makes us real. We become richer, deeper, more meaningful people.” Berlanti hopes that new hit shows like This Is Us can open the gate again to having more family dramas on screen again.

Tom Amandes and Treat Williams also got emotional while talking about the series’s impact. “Seeing each other today was like we shot yesterday afternoon and we’re back on set again,” said Williams. “It’s amazing how easy we are with one another.”

He also shared a touching moment with his on-screen daughter, Vivien Cardone, as she reflected on arriving to set at just the age of nine. “I’ll never forget when I first went there, it was really tough because my father had to stay in New York. Treat came up to me and said, listen, I know it’s been hard, your dad is away, and I’ll make a deal with you. My family is not with me either, so if you promise to be my temporary daughter, I’ll be your temporary father.”

Then Amandes got teary eyed as he reflected on how Everwood was some of “finest and bravest” writing he had ever been given as an actor. He also said that out of all of his work, Everwood is the one show that he gets recognized for.

Two of the young cast’s main stars Gregory Smith and Emily Van Camp didn’t waste a moment talking about what the show meant to them either.

It wasn’t all tears though. The cast and crew had a good laugh when talking about Hollywood mega-star/heartthrob Chris Pratt, mainly about how much he could eat!

However, they always knew that he would be a star. Williams said that the whole Everwood family is extremely proud of Pratt and that he is such a good person. John Beasley added in that he “always knew that he was going to be a star and that he deserves everything that he gets.”

Of course, with all of the nostalgia and love in the room many got to wondering whether Everwood could be the next show to hop on the reboot trail. “No one has asked, but we all would love to work together again,” Berlanti said. “In a New York minute,” Williams added.

If all of that doesn’t make you want to crawl in bed and binge the day away in Everwood, Colorado you are really missing out!

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