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The Eerie Trailer for ‘A Quiet Place’ Promises Silence is Survival

Paramount just released the trailer for the upcoming horror thriller A Quiet Place and it grips you from start to finish. It begins in complete silence before a sharp sound rouses viewers as a young girl wakes up. You can see immediately that she is hearing impaired but it’s not just her world that’s quiet, her entire family exists in silence.

The tagling of the film paints the eerie picture in which the family must try to survive daily.

Listen closely, move carefully, and never make a sound. If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you

The phrases come in pieces though, through the trailer as we see the steps the family takes to keep quiet.

Steps like placing tape on the floor in patters for them to walk on, removing monopoly pieces and replacing them with something softer, and using sign language to communicate.

Now, the sign language is necessary for communication with their deaf child, but this family doesn’t make a sound. They don’t speak amongst one another, it is eerily silent.

We soon understand why. There is an unseen evil that preys on anyone who makes a sound. If that wasn’t scary enough, we don’t get a look at what type of evil is at play but we do see breaks in a wall, clearly meant to represent a struggle.

The fear on their faces describes everything we can’t yet see.

Could you keep quiet enough to survive? A Quiet Place stars John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds and hits theaters on April 6th, 2018.