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‘The Big Bang Theory’ What to Expect in Season 12

The Big Bang Theory is still going strong as it heads into season 12, but is that it’s last?

The show has had a steady fanbase for over a decade and it’s seen a plethora of guest stars. Unfortunately, there is no word if this will continue past this upcoming season.

Fortunately, showrunner Steve Holland promises a fantastic 12th season and promises that they’re  “not leaving anything on the table in season 12”, so we’ll hopefully get a proper resolution even if it does mark the end. And one thing that definitely will be explored in the new season will be Sheldon’s season 11 finale discovery of “super asymmetry.”

Holland also promises that we’ll get to see ShAmy embrace married life. “We’ve talked for years about how smart Sheldon is and we’ve seen it some too, but it was important for us to give him a big win and actually show that he is as smart as we’ve said he is all this time,” Holland said. “That is going to be a fun and interesting story to play with, especially with him and Amy doing this as a team and married couple.”

That’s about all we know for now. That, and that all of the main stars have signed on to return.

Although there’s no official release date, season 12 of The Big Bang Theory will stick to it’s Thursday night at 8 slot, with Young Sheldon at 8:30. Both will return to CBS in the fall.