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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Convergence Convergence’

The big finale is here!

The finale picks up right where we left off, Penny promised Leonard’s mom that they’ll get married again. She breaks the news and they are actually kind of excited about it. Leonard even wants to invite his dad!

Penny tells Amy and Bernadette the news and Amy worms her way into be the maid of honor. Penny asks Bernadette to officiate the ceremony. Sheldon comes in announcing his mother will be coming and lists off a couple other people he invited to “their” wedding.

Beverly is furious that Leonard invited his father…

Howard and Raj are working on their guidance system and it’s working! They immediately get an email from the US air force requesting a meeting about their system.

Amy and Sheldon pick up his mother. She was very touched that they invited her. And she is oh so thrilled to see Beverly.

Back at the apartment, things are awkwardly quiet.

Howard is still freaking out about that email. What does the air force want? He thinks the military wants to take over and make him disappear…

Leonard’s father, Alfred, arrives and prays for a heart attack as they trudge up the stairs. Beverly is so welcoming…

Leonard lays down the law that they shouldn’t fight and Penny hurries them all to dinner.

And Howard is still freaking out. Raj isn’t making it any better by saying they could not even be the US military. Bernadette tries to get them to calm down and get ready to meet everyone for dinner.

On the way to the restaurant, Penny Leonard and Beverly take one car, Alfred, Mary, Sheldon and Amy take another. Alfred and Mary begin to talk and get to know each other. Do I sense a little something, something brewing?

Penny spies Howard’s car ahead and tells Leonard to follow him, this freaks out Howard and he speeds away.

The Shamy car makes it to the restaurant first and Amy notices the chemistry between Alfred and Mary.

The Hofstadters arrive next and Penny calls Bernadette to see where they are at. She tells Bernie that it was them who were following Howard. Bernie tells them to go ahead and eat, Howard got pulled over and is still freaking out.

At dinner, Leonard makes a touching toast, Alfred attempts to do the same but Beverly interjects with cruel retorts. And when Mary tries to defuse the tension, Beverly takes a stab at her faith.

This prompts Alfred and Mary to leave, sharing a cab and a night cap.

Back at the apartment, the boys attempt to contact their parents… but their phones are off. Wink, wink.

And there you have it, the season nine finale. This season has been great. Judd Hirsch was an excellent addition to the show. And he really brought out a side of Beverly that we haven’t seen. Hopefully next season we will get to see more of Penny’s family.

And what is going on with Sheldon’s mom and Leonard’s dad??? I had no idea that this is where the episode would go.

And Howard getting so freaked out about an email? To be fair, Raj didn’t help the cause.

Overall, this finale was kind of anticlimactic, they introduced a new character so the focus was on how he fit into their lives. But none the less, it was a fantastic episode! See you next season!


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