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‘The Batman’ Logo Revealed By Matt Reeves Alongside Art By Jim Lee

Today we were lucky enough to get a look at ‘The Batman’ logo. Most fans were expecting a look at this kind of stuff at DC’s FanDome this weekend. Looks like director Matt Reeves was as excited as we were for any news on the upcoming Batflick. No doubt we’ll have more info on the movie this weekend, too!

For now though Reeves sent both tweets out earlier. The Batman logo features the films name in red over a black background. The bat symbol forms throughout the name in black. All-in-all the logo ain’t too bad, I’m a big fan of it myself. The red contrasts nicely with the dark background to really let the colors pop.

The second image is art depicting Pattinson’s Batman. The image was done by DC artist Jim Lee and also plays with black and red. If this image ends up being a good indication of what the final suit will look like, I’m incredibly excited. The images don’t necessarily reveal anything new but it’s still a neat look at what’s going on behind the scenes. The image of Batman also features the DC FanDome info in the bottom right corner. This is where we’ll hear even further updates on the film.

'The Batman' Logo Revealed By Matt Reeves Alongside Art By Jim Lee
The Batman

DC FanDome is a two day event that begins on Saturday, August 22, 2020. To make up for the lack of DC info at the San Diego Comic Con, the virtual one, DC will be hosting this event instead. It promises to have tons of guests, news, and information that any DC fan will be eager to get their hands on. There’s even going to be a panel that focuses exclusively on Matt Reeves The Batman. You can catch it at 5:30 pm PT/8:30 PM ET for yourself. They will also be discussing various other DC films throughout the day, including Wonder Woman 1984.

You can also check out the Justice League: Snyder Cut teaser.

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