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‘The 100’ Season 3 Trailer revealed

The CW’s sci-fi
series The 100 has gained quite a
following since its season 1
premiere back in 2014, and the critical
shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The underdog of
The CW has
amassed a large and passionate fan base that rivals even the most rabid
TV supporters. For those who need
a refresher on what exactly this dystopian
series is all about before its
season 3 premiere January 21, 2016,
read on. But
be warned, spoilers ahead for the first two seasons of this
mind-bending, action

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The 100 follows the
surviving members of the
human race after a nuclear apocalypse leaves Earth
seemingly uninhabitable. The

remaining factions, who are from the Ark space station are faced with a
decision– how to survive
once their resources run out and they no longer can
live up in the stars. To
rectify this impossible
situation, the Ark sends 100
teenaged delinquents down to Earth, where
they’re met with harsh realities, hard

decisions and ultimately an unfriendly group of survivors known as the

Grounders. Clarke (Eliza Taylor)
immediately takes a leadership role on the
ground, and is met with
disobedience from Bellamy (Bob Morley) who
hitched a
ride on the dropship (after shooting the Arks Chancellor) in order
to be with
his sister
Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). After a rocky journey battling the
Trikru (one
of the grounder clans), and some
of their own, the Sky people
quickly learn that the planet is indeed
habitable after its 97 years of plunder,

but surviving might be more difficult than they anticipated.

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Season 2 sends the
Arkers down to Earth with a crash landing that ends up costing the Sky

people many of their own. Meanwhile,
those who remain from the first 100 are
faced with another threat… Mount
Weather. Survivors in the mountain
have no
immunity to the radiation soaked planet and must stay in the nuclear
shelter or
face death. Talk
about a tough break. At the end of season 1, our favorites,
Clarke, Monty
(Christopher Larkin) and Jasper
(Devon Bostick) are all captured
by the mountain men where we find them
being poked and prodded in white
rooms in
the start of season 2. Immediately Clarke is skeptical of these new
people and
for good reason.
The mountain has been capturing Grounders for years, draining
their blood
and using it as medicine to those
who reside there. This proves even
more deadly for the Sky people who have
an immunity to radiation the
people have never seen before. Thus sets in motion the fight to
stay alive when
the President’s
son Cage (Johnny Whitworth) wants nothing more than to harvest
the Sky
peoples bone marrow (resulting in
death) and giving his people a chance
to see the light of day again. The
President has good intentions and
hopes to
get the Sky people’s help willingly, but Cage stages a Coup
d’état, taking
extreme measures
into his own hands.

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Clarke ultimately escapes the
mountain and forms an
alliance with Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the
Commander of the Grounders and

Clarke, along with Lexa’s armies set out to infiltrate the Mountain and save

those being held hostage
inside its walls. Things don’t go quite as planned
Clarke was forced to make
a tough decision after Lexa’s
gut-wrenching betrayal
to save her own people. Clarke is left alone, without
even the help of grounder

ally Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and is faced with an impossible task– she must

save her people at any

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The season 3 trailer recently hit
the Internet sending
fans into a frenzy with speculations of what’s to come.
What we know for sure is

that in the new season we will see Clarke separate from the rest of the
running from the
aftermath of Mount Weather, and trying to emotionally deal with
consequences from the season 2 finale.
The full-length trailer reveals many
things: Clarke is being hunted because
of her actions, the Arkers and
seem to be back at war, we see battlefields full of dead soldiers,
and armies
rising near and
far. Not to mention the emotional fallout of Mount Weather seems
to be
catastrophic, especially for Jasper
and Monty, who spent most of their
time in season 2 in the

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Jaha (Isaiah Washington) can be seen continuing to learn

about the City of Light, a place
that has been suggested to be a safe haven from
the gritty elements of this
post-apocalyptic Earth, but is it
for real? One
thing’s for sure, the morally gray reality of this new world
may be geared at a
audience, but the show does not skimp on making viewers of all ages feel
their deepest ability, or
enthrall them to the point of no return. With
season 3 comes emotionally
taxing characters, high stakes, and
inevitable unraveling after losing Maya (Eve Harlow) in the
Mountain due to
Monty and Clarke’s

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From the trailer we see explosions,
a war brewing, Jaha’s
journey with Alie (Erica Cerra), Clarke fighting for
her life, Kane’s (Henry Ian

Cusick) struggle for control, Octavia embracing her Grounder nature and

condemning her brother, an anti-
Grounder Arker named Pike (Michael Beach) and a
new Grounder who threatens
Lexa’s reign called Roan (Zach
McGowan). As the 2:57
minute trailer suggests, no one is

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addition, it’s pretty obvious
that there will be a whole
lot of large-scale action on The 100,
perhaps more than its previous

seasons (if that’s even possible) and factions will be tested to their
points. Will their
differing loyalties result in death? Can the romantic
relationships survive
such a huge Arker/Grounder war?
Season 3 promises strong
emotional entanglements, even bigger battles, and
some of the most intricate and

grand world-building a show of its kind has ever seen. Who will survive
when The 100
returns in January… you’ll just have to tune in to find



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