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Thankful Video: Minnesota Boy Sees Color For The First Time

A beautiful moment occurred when Jonathan Jones, a Minnesota school student, was given the gift of a pair of classes that allowed him to see color for the first time. Jonathan’s principal, who is also colorblind, gave Jonathan the glasses.

“They’re all yours,” his Principal exclaimed!

Overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing colors for the first time, Jonathan was brought to tears.

Jonathan’s brother posted the video to his Twitter account and wrote, “This is just a great example of the huge impact that teachers can have on their kids.”

Jonathan’s mother had started a GoFundMe to raise money for the glasses. All excess funds raised will go to the Enchroma Foundation. Jonathan’s brother continued, “Thank you all for your love and compassion. We are overwhelmed and encouraged to know there are so many amazing people in this world who would help a young man they have never met.”

The original goal was just a few hundred dollars but they have now raised in excess of $25,000 on the GoFundMe page.

What do you think of this beautiful moment?

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