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‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Soon Be Able to Buy Butterbeer Donuts

Every once in a while, a new food concoction comes along that just sounds like the most perfect and delicious treat in the entire world and this brand new donut flavor is no exception!  Imagine, if you will, just how deliciously satisfying a Harry Potter inspired butterbeer donut would taste.  Can you picture it?  If you're having some difficulties, no need to worry because you can actually try a butterbeer flavored donut thanks to one bakery food chain on the East coast. Sugar Shack Donuts has several locations throughout Virginia, Florida and...

Inauguration Week: Saying Goodbye (and Happy Birthday) to First Lady Michelle

This week is a big week for President Obama and his family, he's moving, he needs to find a new job and he has to get his First Lady a birthday gift. That's right, it's FLOTUS Michelle Obama's 53rd birthday! And with Inauguration Day being Friday January, 20th, not only are we welcoming a new president into office, but we are saying goodbye to one. And with this important transition about to take place, let's spend the last few days of the Obama presidency reflecting on the last eight years....