Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge and Donate Your Way into a Dodgeball Game with Globo Gym and Average Joe’s

Listen up and let me hit you with some knowledge!  Everyone knows that, if you can dodge a wrench then, you can dodge a ball but, did you know that you could enter for a chance to play in the most epic game of dodgeball ever?  And it's all for a great cause! Ben Stiller announced on Wednesday that he and the cast of the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story have teamed up with Omaze in an effort to raise money for the Stiller Foundation. The Stiller Foundation was founded by...

WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega Surprise Fans in ‘Force for Change’ Videos

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!  Today, fans all across the world celebrate the film phenomenon that brings all of us nerdy folk together, Star Wars!  The original film is turning 40 years old this month!  Can you believe it?  And, after all this time, the franchise is still producing great films and making fans happy !  It really is amazing!  What's even more amazing is the philanthropic side of the franchise (trust us, this side is waaaaay cooler than the Dark Side). You've probably already heard of the Star Wars: Force for...
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