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Idris Elba Reads Romantic Fan Fiction and It is What Dreams are Made Of

It goes without saying that Idris Elba has the power to make anyone swoon with his incredible smile, so good it's almost painful accent, and muscles that, well, that goes without saying too. So it's hard to think that Idris could get any better, at least, that's what we thought. Then, we heard him reading romantic fan fiction about himself and it was everything we never knew we needed. Not only does he take it like an absolutely incredible sport, he plays along and even shoots the camera a set...

Kate Winslet on Beauty and Facing the Elements Filming The Mountain Between us

Kate Winslet will star alongside Idris Elba in an upcoming survival film 'The Mountain Between Us'. The film sees the two strangers become friends as they take a charter plane after their flights were cancelled. The plane tragically crashes and strands them in conditions that are almost certainly deadly. Of course, anything that can get worse usually does and the pair come face to face with wild animals, the injuries from their crash, below freezing temperatures, and the fact that they may very well die together without knowing one another...