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‘Supernatural’ Season 13 to Feature Backdoor Pilot for Possible Spin-Off

Yes, you read that correctly! There is another ‘Supernatural’ spin-off show in the works, but this time the powers that be are doing it the smart way and including already beloved characters. Back in season 9 they tried to slip in a pilot for a possible new series titled, ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’. The fault with this spin-off was that these were brand new characters with no connection to the Winchesters other than a little monster problem.

While the ‘Supernatural’ fandom is open to new friends hunting with the boys, creating an entire show around some newbies wasn’t exactly what our dreams were made of. This time though, I think they have the right premise.

Initially reported by Entertainment Weekly, this possible spin-off titled ‘Wayward Sisters’ will be centered on Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), long-time friend to the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. Sheriff Jody has become quite the hunter in her years on the show and has even taken in some young women who lost their families to one kind of monster or another. Now, this is a spin-off I could get behind!

In the last couple of seasons, some of Jody’s adopted daughters have been front and center, namely Claire Novak, son of Jimmy who is (or was) Castiel’s vessel. Jody even played a role in taking out the British Men of Letters in ‘Supernatural’s season 12 finale. Focusing on Jody and her girls, offer a lot of possibilities in storytelling, and still has the potential to tie it into the mythology of the original show.



How Could ‘Wayward Sisters’ Differ From the Mothership?

We watched the Winchesters live off the road for years, constantly fight each other, and save each other, in the name of family and loyalty. While I don’t think that Jody would be much different knowing her girls are hunting now too, but I do believe she could add some stability and balance to their lives and the trouble that finds them. That was something the Winchesters only had when Bobby was alive.

Jody, being as smart and tough as she is, would be a good teacher and role model for future hunters. With so many of them having been wiped out thanks to Mr. Ketch and a brainwashed Mary Winchester, there is a severe need for a new generation of hunters. I can definitely see Jody taking on this role with a little bit of help from Sam and Dean.


'Supernatural' Season 13 to Feature Backdoor Pilot for Possible Spin-Off


As of now, The CW has no official comment. As we learn more information about when the spin-off may air, you can bet I will post it here! Personally, I am excited at the idea and look forward to seeing this special episode at some point in the upcoming 13th season! What do you think? Would you watch this spin-off of ‘Supernatural’?



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