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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘The Chitters’

Sam and Dean were faced with a new monster and a new set of hunters in last night’s new episode of ‘Supernatural’. Weeks have passed since Amara
disappeared with Lucifer, and the Winchesters have once again hit a wall in their search for answers.


After getting wind of a case where a girl got attacked and others are missing, the guys leave the bunker and head to Colorado. An eyewitness to the most recent attack tells them that her friend was ‘acting weird’ – shaking, making a strange vibrating noise, and had eyes that glowed green. Oh, and did I mention that the thing that took her was completely void of gender, leaving Dean to name these unidentified creatures as “junkless”. Classy as always Mr. Winchester.


They were able to get a few leads from the reports that were filed 27 years before, and end up talking to a woman, Etta, whose husband was one of the ones who went missing. She assumed he had run off with one or two of the woman he had been seeing at the time. When pressed by the guys for anything else she remembers hearing about the disappearances, she tells them the tale of the ‘Chitters’.


What the rumors say is an orgy of mind-muddled people out in the words, turns out to be half right, but really is an infestation of spirits more commonly scene in Mexico. How did they figure that out? Enter two new hunters… Jesse and Cesar.


After the guys split up, Dean to the woods, Sam to the park, Dean ends up stumbling upon one of these Chitters and in need of a little help. Queue Cesar and Jesse to the rescue. Not only are they hunting partners, but life partners as well, and in town to gank the monster that killed Jesse’s brother when he was 12.


Regardless of what monster they are searching for and trying to kill, these standalone episodes always have a way of tying back in to something the guy have been struggling with. In this case, life after hunting. They’ve both had their shot at a “normal life” and neither one was really able to commit.


During the quest to kill the Chitters, Dean and Sam contemplate asking Jesse and Cesar to help them out with their problems with Amara and Castiel. But after the case was closed and monsters dead, Dean found out this case would be their last before retiring. Instead of listing their help, he wishes them well and off they go. Dean and Sam both know how rare it is for a hunter to get out of the life, especially with their partner still alive. So, if these two are able to achieve that, they guys weren’t going to pull them back into Hell. However, something tells me that we haven’t exactly seen the last of Cesar and Jesse.


While the episode as a whole was more fun than poignant, there are always a special moment between Sam and Dean worth noting. For instance, learning about Sam smoking something that was “probably oregano” in college and Dean busting his chops for it.


What did you think of Sam and Dean’s unique case? Can you imagine Sam and Dean ever really retiring from the life like Cesar and Jesse planned to? Don’t forget to catch the next episode of ‘Supernatural’ next Wednesday at 9/8C on the CW.

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