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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Trinity’

Supergirl Recap ‘Trinity’

Now that the team knows Reign’s true identity, it’s time to figure out how they are going to save Sam. Kara is incredibly upset with Lena, feeling that her trust in the Luthor has been betrayed. Lena says that she kept the secret because it wasn’t her place to share. She also wanted to do everything to help her friend. When asked how Lena was able to subdue Reign, Lena reveals that she used Kryptonite. She claims it was left over from Lex’s days. This news hurts Kara, so she asks James to infiltrate Lena’s lab and make sure there is no more. As Guardian, he breaks into the lab, but refuses to enter her vault. He lies about going inside and says that there’s no more Kryptonite.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Trinity'
Supergirl/The CW

The Worldkillers are united and bring about an eclipse, which saps Kara of her powers. Kara passes out and is transported to the alternate dimension where Sam and Julia are trapped. When she comes to, the team realizes that if they can get to that dimension again, they might be able to convince Sam to take back control and reveal the Worldkiller’s location. Brainiac-5 has the technology to do it, so Kara and Alex will go in. Lena demands to go with them. She says she knows Sam better than the others. Plus, she feels like it’s her responsibility for letting Reign out of her grasp. The three enter the alternate dimension, but it places a lot of strain on Kara.

Sam and Julia are slowly losing their memories of who they were, and when that happens, the Worldkiller will be free from all human attachment. Pestilence has entirely shed her Grace persona, and was quite happy to do so. Sam and Julia fight the affects, writing down what keeps them tied to their humanity. As Kara, Alex, and Lena make their way through the dimension, Kara asks why Lena would keep it a secret from them. Lena is annoyed that Supergirl is taking everything so personally, when she didn’t mean it as such. She says that she has her secrets, just as Supergirl has hers. And if she hates secrets so much, then Supergirl should just reveal her true name. Of course, that’s not going to happen. I’m still not completely convinced that Lena doesn’t know it’s Kara. She revealed this episode that she knew Alex was a part of the DEO, but knew it wasn’t her place to blow that secret. Lena is too smart not to have worked it all out. I think Lena just wants Kara to be honest with her.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Trinity'
Supergirl/The CW

The three find Julia and Sam and try to bring them back to themselves. They get Sam to switch off with Reign, which means that Reign enters the alternate dimension and Kara is powerless to stop her. Reign is about to kill Lena when Sam activates a signal, revealing her location to the DEO. Brainiac-5 pulls Kara, Alex, and Lena out of their suspended sleep. Then, the assault on the Worldkiller’s fortress begins. During the fight, they are able to reach Julia, who turns against her sisters. Pestilence stabs Julia, who in turn blasts her with her sound waves. The two of them die. Team Supergirl thinks they’ve won, but they couldn’t foresee what would happen next. Purity and Pestilence’s powers are transferred into Reign. Then, she’s gone. Next week will find Reign with a new goal: Finding and killing Ruby. Kara might have to go it alone as the Legion no longer has any reason to interfere since Pestilence died.

Tensions reached their height with Lena in this episode and things are only going to continue to get worse. James is honest with her, revealing that he is Guardian and broke into her lab to prove she didn’t have any more Kryptonite. She values his honesty and in turn reveals another secret she’s been harboring. The Kryptonite wasn’t Lex’s. She made it. Supergirl apologized to Lena when she learned there was no more Kryptonite, but things are going to go downhill fast she learns the truth. I wonder what James is going to do now that he knows. Earlier in the season, the team tried to use Kryptonite on Reign, but she was barely affected. Perhaps because it was created that it works. Lena should tell Supergirl the truth about how it came to be so they can isolate why it did work against Reign. Whatever happens, I don’t think Kara and Lena are going to be friends by the time the season ends.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Shelter From the Storm.’