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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Alex’

Supergirl Recap ‘Alex’

Alex has been kidnapped.

Kara and Maggie must join forces in order to track down Alex’s kidnapper before she is killed. What scares them most is that the man knows that Kara is really Supergirl. He only has a single demand, and that’s to break a murdered named Peter Thompson out of prison. Winn does some digging and finds out the identity of the kidnapper, Rick Malverne. He grew up with Alex and Kara and eventually worked out Kara’s secret. They find Rick and take him to the DEO. J’onn poses as Thompson, trying to get Rick to give up Alex’s location, but Rick knows about J’onn too.

Kara and Maggie butt heads quite a lot when dealing with the situation. Kara wants to punch first, ask questions later, and will do anything to find Alex, while Maggie is more level-headed. She tries to keep Kara from doing something rash, but when Alex manages to get her tracker back online, Kara rushes off without taking Maggie’s advice to think it through. This results in the deadline being pushed up and the box Alex is in to be filled with water.

Kara and Maggie are able to speak to Alex and she tells them not to give in to his demands. She has faith that they will be able to find her. She then asks to speak to Maggie alone. Maggie knows that Alex is preparing to die, but won’t let her admit defeat. When the signal goes out, Maggie is overwhelmed with the emotions she’s been keeping in check. She lashes out at Kara, saying that it’s her fault the deadline got moved up. She then goes and talks to Rick once more, who convinces her to break his father out of prison.

Maggie has Thompson and is about to get him out when Kara appears. She tells Maggie that she can’t go through with this. Then, Kara turns to Thompson and pleads with him. If Alex is killed, this will forever weigh on Rick’s conscious. If Thompson loves his son, he will help them stop Rick from making a terrible mistake. Thompson gives up a location. Kara and Maggie arrive just in time to save Alex.

While all of this is taking place, Lena is having meetings with Rhea to discuss some new technology that will revolutionize the world. Rhea plays to all of the things that Lena is missing in her life, but slips up over dinner by saying “Thank the gods.” Later, Lena uses one of her devices to reveal that Rhea is an alien. She tells Rhea to leave her, but the queen doesn’t listen and comes back. She apologizes to Lena for lying and asks her to consider the proposal once more. Lena then calls Kara for some advice. Since Kara is wrapped up in trying to find Alex though, Kara isn’t able to talk to her. At the end of the episode, Lena and Rhea meet once more and Lena agrees to help her.

I really liked that we got to explore the dynamic between Kara and Maggie this week. They are both headstrong and stubborn and clash through most of the episode. Floriana Lima was amazing this week as we witnessed her breakdown of emotions. The two scenes that just about broke your heart is when she yells at Kara that she has just as much to lose as she does and then when the two of them finally find Alex and save her.

I’m interested to see what is up with Lena. Is she going to treat Rhea like her mother and lead her to believe that she is on her side? Lena is incredibly smart and I think that she won’t be fully in line with Rhea, but I could be wrong. She finally has someone who fully believes in her abilities as a scientist and businesswoman.

Three episodes until the end of the season and I still feel like there is so much to do before then. Next week’s episode is entitled ‘City of Lost Children.’

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