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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Not Kansas’

Supergirl Recap ‘Not Kansas’

Last week, Kara and Mon-El went to Argo to retrieve the Rock of Yuda Kal that would help them stop Reign. They return just as the Worldkiller breaks out of her prison. Kara and Mon-El keep her busy while Lena quickly synthesizes the material. Lena gets them the antidote just in time and Reign is expelled from Sam’s body. They’ve saved her. Now that the threat has passed, Kara makes the decision to go back to Argo. She felt at peace there and wants to return to her mother. Mon-El goes with her.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Not Kansas'
Supergirl/The CW

While Kara is gone, James takes up residence as the protector of National City, but things are a bit quiet. That is, until he hears what he thinks is a bank robbery. He saves a police officer from a gunman, but there is something different about the weapon he is using. It actually pierces James’ shield. The only thing that can do that are the DEO’s weapons. This sparks a debate between James, J’onn, and the DEO about gun rights. The gunman escaped James, resurfacing a couple of days later to exact his revenge upon an old employer. The DEO figures out his move in time and set up proper defense of the law firm. J’onn finds the man and ends up talking him down. Afterward, J’onn decides that the DEO will purge all of its gun, opting for non-lethal weapons that Winn will be developing.

On Argo, Kara and Mon-El are at peace, but then things start to go wrong. Kara is in the market when a structure falls apart, nearly killing her and harming others. She sees a hooded figure moving through the crowd and is convinced she is the target, but nobody believes her. Her childhood best friend, Thara Ak-Var, is the chief peace-keeper and assures her that the structure was old and hadn’t been examined in a number of years. Kara tries to let it go, but is still on edge. She and Mon-El have a moment together in a garden in which he finally confesses the real reason why he didn’t go back to the future. They’ve come to an understanding with each other and will probably resume their relationship from the past. Later, Kara and Mon-El are at dinner when the hooded figure appears again. Kara chases after her and the woman reveals that Selena is their leader. Kara discovers that their space ship has been taken. Selena is gone.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Not Kansas'
Supergirl/The CW

Back on Earth, Coville has the glowing crystal from the Fortress of Sanctuary. He is joined by Selen and her followers. Together, they revive the Fortress. Elsewhere, Sam suddenly freezes as Reign is seemingly revived within her. Kara is stuck on Argo, so when Reign fully comes back, she will be without opposition. Hopefully, the Kryptonians will have some way to get Kara back.

Supergirl has some interesting character moments this week in the revelation that Eve Teschmacher went to Yale and studied nuclear physics. Once Lena learns the truth, she has Eve help her uncover the mysteries of the Rock of Yuda Kal. The end of the episode has Lena realizing just how revolutionary the material could be. We also met Thara Ak-Var, who was Kara’s childhood friend. In the comics, Thara goes on to be the hero Flamebird, so I’m wondering if she will make the trip to Earth with Kara to help stop Selena and Reign. I think they’re going to need all the help they can get in the coming battle.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Make it Reign.’